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A New PR!

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I finally PR’d in my 5 mile again last night at the gym!   I was so excited.  I thought it was going to be a mess of a workout since I forgot my sneakers and socks!  On Mondays and Wednesdays (the nights I don’t have volleyball matches), I always go to the gym straight from work.  Since I get off at 4:00, I usually pack a protein snack and/or a carby fruit for right after work to fuel my through my workout and go straight to the gym.  Last night I realized while leaving work that I was missing quite a few essentials!  I convinced myself that I needed new running shoes anyway, and headded to Dick’s Sporting Goods since it was within walking distance to LA Fitness where I work out, and I didn’t really want to waste any time.  I knew today would leave me no time to relax and last night I was in serious need of some down time, so I wanted to get a good workout in and head home to veg for the rest of the night.  I asked the sales associate which shoes would be best for a runner, and he reccommended one of the new cushioned Nike sneakers that were endorsed by the Lance Armstrong Livestrong brand. 


Nike Air Pegasus

 They were $85.00 but I was desperate!   Plus, I figured, what better thing to splurge on than something that will benefit my health, right?! 😀  Anyway, I picked up some socks after trying on and loving the feel of the kicks and headded for check out.  Did you know that they now sell “insurance” for shoes?! If you want to pay $12.00 extra, they vow to replace your sneakers within 6 months of purchase if you have any problems!  I didn’t invest in that deal because the man helping me said that there’s no way I would have trouble and that this shoe was built “Livestrong tough”.   He was such a cute old man!  Anyway, I went to the gym excited to try out the new sneaks and after stretching, I hopped on the treadmill and got to work!  Before I knew it, I had set a new PR.  I think I’m going to look into running a 10K sometime in the near future.  I might actually be able to compete! 

To be honest, I think the “goodness” of yesterday all started around lunch time.  Of course 🙂  Haha.  I had a lunch date with Ryan and it was just what I needed.  It started off a little rough because due to our schedules (my 1/2 hour lunch and his start time at 1) we kind of had time constraints, but we managed to spend a little time together!  We planned to go to “Simply Turkey”, but on the way there we realized that it was probably too far away from work and we would be pushing it for time.  Soooooo, we stopped at a little Chinese place which actually looked like a dump, but we were almost out of options.  I ordered the steamed shrimp with mixed vegetables (the sauce on the side) and extra veggies instead of rice that comes with the meal.  He got the lunch buffet.  It was a nice meal and my portion was HUGE.  The veggies tasted a little plasticy, but the ginger sauce that they provided was enough to mask it a little bit.  The company was more important than the food.  When we got in the car to leave, he gave me a single red rose that he had gotten for me (isn’t he sweet?!), which is the second time he bought me flowers so far! I know, I’m spoiled. 

After the gym, I went home and immediately started making dinner.  I was starving!  I threw together some Tofu Shirtaki Noodles, a Laughing Cow Light Swiss Cheese wedge, a steamfresh bag of broccoli, and some salt n pepper and chowed down.  I decided I needed some more fat free cottage cheese at the grocery store, plus I was running low on Fiber One, so I headded out.  When I got home, the Phillies game was on!  They played great & my boyfriend (Chase Utley) is amazing. 


The Boyfriend♥

 I made some dessert of FF cottage cheese, canned pumpkin, cinnamon, some SF brown sugar cinnamon Torani syrup, and 1/2 c. fiber one for staying power after my workout, aka pumpkin pie.  I may or may not have also eaten a few spoonfuls of plain pumpkin.  It’s so yummy!

My belly was full and I slept like a babe. 



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  1. ahhh i need to try sweet cottage cheese, LOVE your new shoes, congrats on the PR and chase utley is a cutie 🙂


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