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This morning was great so far.  Ab Ripper X fires me up in the AM!  Not to mention, my weekend starts in 5 hours!  As soon as I get off of work today, I’m going to the gym to get in a quick workout and then home to shower and get ready for my typical movie date with Ry.  We’re going to see “2012” tonight, which looked like more of a manly movie than I’d prefer, but he let me choose last time, so I can’t drag my feet too much 🙂


Last night after work, I went stopped at Giant to grab a Macadamia Nut Clif Bar (my favorite to date) for some workout energy.  Shortly, I will be doing a review of the sweet package of them that I got in the mail to review! I got to the gym, changed clothes, and hit the treadmill.  Ran five miles, did the typical circuit of abs, back, and obliques (can you tell I’m a creature of habit?!)  I really do want to change things up, but I need some guidance!  HELP. 


Check out the hunks of nuts in this puppy!

 After my cardio, I went into the locker room for a little bit of refueling where I munched on my steamed, but now chilled sugar snap peas.  You should’ve seen the looks I got when people came into the room and saw me eating these things out of the plastic container.  Haha.  Anyway, at 6:30 it was time for my volleyball match and I was kinda tired.  We won our match, but it went into three games.  I played alright, but I couldn’t set to save my life!  I was getting a little bit frustrated!  I felt so bad for the guys because not one of them could get a good spike in since my setting was so awful!  Finally, they decided to let someone else try their luck and move me to a hitting position, which was actually fun!  I had a few kills, and my serving was pretty on the mark, so I felt like I at least did my part as far as that goes. 


After the match, I was so ready to get home and relax for the remainder of the night, but then I remembered I had to pick up my thyroid prescription at the Giant, which I dropped off beforehand to be filled.  I was clean out of pills!  I swung by the pharmacy and I was out!  For some protein to rebuild my muscles after my workout and match, I packed some lima beans and red beets to eat on the way home. 

When I finally got in the door, which seemed like it took forever, I ditched all the stuff from the gym, washed my lunch stuff from the day and repacked everything so it would be ready to grab this morning.  I decided to try something different with my brocc slaw for lunch, so as opposed to throwing some garbanzo beans in with it for protein, I microwaved some egg beaters and cheese for adding to the dish!  I’ll have to let you know how it is after lunch.  Along with that, I packed an apple.  For a snack between work and gym time, I packed some Fiber One for a carb boost and more egg beaters for protein. 

After I packed the lunch, I made a breakfast of FF cottage cheese and  SF strawberry jelly +fiber, for quick consumption this morning.  All I had to do was add the Fiber One for crunch factor this morning!  Not to mention, letting it set all together in the bowl overnight really makes the flavors combine well.  I actually made the first bowl and decided to have it for dessert, then I had to make a clone for my breakfast 🙂  Then my belly was full and it was time for sleep. 


Also!  Be sure to enter Julie’s giveaway for a nice relaxing prize & some oikos yogurt!  🙂  Contest ends 11/18!



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