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Thanks Katie!

A big thank you to Katie from Vitalicious for sending me a sampler package of Vitatops and Vitabrownies to review! I’ve been hearing great things about these products for quite some time now.  They were even featured on the Rachael Ray show!  I’ve finally gotten a chance to try each flavor, and now I see what all the hype is about! 

I cannot even believe that each hefty 2 oz. vitatop contains just 100 calories (90 if you get the sugar-free banana nut/velvety chocolate!), is packed with 4-7g of fiber, 4g of protein, 15 vitamins and minerals, and are very low in fat!  They come in several varieties including newly added chocolate mint and banana fudge, banana nut, cranbran, multibran, triple chocolate chunk, peanut butter fudge, double chocolate dream, golden corn, blue bran, apple berry, chocolate fig, and dark chocolate pomegranate! 


Check out all the texture of the multi-bran! Mmmmm...

My favorite was a toss up between the triple chocolate chunk and the banana nut!  A close runner up was the cran bran!  🙂  I love that they don’t skimp on the product volume to create something lower in calories.  I mean when I think of the 100 calorie versions of most products, it’s a pretty sad portion that you get.  Not the case with Vita tops!  These guys are easily the size of the palm of my hand and fairly thick for 100 calories!  Not to mention, the mix ins (berries, nuts, chocolate chips) weren’t sparse either!  They exceeded my expectations to say the least.  And flavor-wise, they hit each one on the head!  I also thought that maybe, since they came frozen, that after I heated them they would dry out a lot, but I was wrong again!  They were moist and warm, as if I just popped them out of the oven myself!  I learned the trick that if you microwave them for about 35 seconds (in the package wrap that they arrive in) they come out perfectly!  Mmmm.  Totally melted in my mouth. 


I reccommend slathering a lil' PB on the chocolate for an extra indulgence 🙂

What’s even more unbelieveable?  They have less sugar than an apple?! I know right?! Usually companies have to add a ton of sugar to lower the fat in food products, but the nutritionals for these guys is awesome!  I almost thought they were too good to be true!   If you haven’t yet, get your hands on some of these babies!  You’ll feel total indulgence without the guilt!  Vitatops are a girls’ best friend!



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