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Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness

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I’m trying to help out my buddy, Katie at Chocolate-Covered Katie because she has decided to do something so awesome that I couldn’t help but want to be apart of it!  She is doing a page view charity drive for the Enough Project in an effort to stop genocide. 


Here are some details on the project:


What exactly is a Page View Charity Drive?


Basically, it’s this: Every time someone views a page on my blog, Foodbuzz pays a certain amount of money.  It’s not much, but it can add up.  (Not that I blog for the money; even with thousands of visitors per day, the $ I get isn’t very much!)  


What I’m hoping to do with this charity drive is to get as many page views as possible.  More page views = more money raised.  Then, at the end of the month, I’ll send all of the money over to my pet charity (i.e. the charity with which I am most involved), The Enough Project.  (It’s the same charity for which I raised money last year on the blog.  It’s also where all my Africard profits go.) 


“What can you do to help?


  • Spread the word!  If you have a blog, please help me get the word out by blogging about, or even just mentioning, the “Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness” page view charity drive on your blog.  (Feel free to use the logo as well.)



  • During the month, click on as many pages/links on my blog as you can.  Each post you click on, and each link you follow, earns more money for the charity drive.  Or, when you see my posts in Google Reader, simply click on the posts instead of reading them in Google Reader format (which doesn’t translate to any page views).



November is the month of Thanksgiving, and I have so much for which to be thankful. 


But there are thousands of people in this world who aren’t so lucky. 


We bloggers talk incessantly about “perfect” meals and “delicious” foodie products.  We spend hours browsing the expensive offerings at Whole Foods, making our meals as aesthetically-pleasing as possible, and photographing said meals with fancy digital cameras.  But the people being helped by the Enough Project are happy to get ANY meal.  And while people like me run for fun, others in the world are running because they have to in order to survive.   


It really puts things in perspective and makes me want to help as much as I possibly can.  I’m not going to set a goal amount, since I really have no idea what t expect.  But no matter how much we end up raising, every little bit helps, and every little person can make a BIG difference! “


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