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It’s About To Be A Girl’s Night!

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Good morning!  I’m in an exceptionally good mood today.  I think it’s because I’m not feeling any pain in my back!  Thank you GOD! 🙂 Wednesday night and Thursday were kind of rough.  I think I twisted something the wrong way or pulled a muscle in my back.  Right between my left shoulder blade and my spine, I had an insane amount of tightness and pain.  When I took deep breaths, it almost knocked the wind out of me!  I hadn’t felt pain like that for a long time.  Wednesday night, before I went to bed I took 3 pain relievers, but Thursday morning when I woke up, I couldn’t get out of my bed.  I felt almost paralyzed in my back!  Like it had absolutely no strength.  Immediately, I called in to my supervisor to let her know I would be taking a sick day.  The longer I was awake, the better I started to feel, so I decided to get up and get myself moving.  I made it in to the office around 11:45.  I was still up in the air on whether I would be going to the gym after work or not, though.  I packed a bag just incase, and I’m glad I did because by 3:30, I was feeling like I could go for a run, so I went to the gym straight from work to get in a nice 5 miler and then I did the typical circuit on the machines.  Right before I left for home, I hit the elliptical for an additional 2 miles.  I hate to miss my workouts, not only because they make me feel good, but also because I’m currently part of the POTM Challenge that I heard about through Caitlin’s blog, the Healthy Tipping Point.  Basically you just track your mileage on a google spreadsheet for the month of November.  It’s seperated by weeks.  So far I’ve run a total of 100.5 miles! 🙂


Anyway, tonight I’m going to the gym after work, then home to get showered up and some eats in, but the real excitement is going to be around 10:00 tonight when my sisters, Mom, and I are going to see the new Twilight movie! 🙂  I ordered tickets Tuesday for all of us, and I’ve been looking forward to our girls’ night ever since!


Another exciting thing about today…Ryan is picking me up for a lunch date today at Simply Turkey 🙂  It’s nice to get out of the office every once in awhile for lunch.  It breaks up the day nicely.  Not to mention, Simply Turkey is so fresh and yummy.  I think I’ll probably order the “boss salad”, which is the one where you get to put on it whatever you want.  I typically order baby spinach for the base, with turkey for protein, broccoli, tomato, red/green peppers, and carrots for veggies, and then topped with mandarin oranges.  The raspberry vinaigrette that I order on the side is pretty yummy too!  I also ask them for a piece of rye bread on the side to even out my meal and give me some whole grains 🙂  It’s a great, nutritious meal! 


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