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A big thank you goes out to Kathy, my friend at Lärabar for sending me a little package of Lärabars to review!  There are a total of 16 flavors including: Cashew Cookie, Lemon Bar, Peanut Butter & Jelly, Tropical Fruit Tart, Cinnamon Roll, Peanut Butter Cookie, Cherry Pie, Apple Pie, Chocolate Coconut, Banana Bread, Coconut Cream Pie, Key Lime Pie, Pistachio, Ginger Snap, Cocoa Molé, and Pecan Pie.  If your mouth isn’t watering yet, you must be tasteless or something!  I got the privelage of sampling the first four varieties. 

Before I get to the fun part (the taste, of course), let me give you a little Lärabar 411.   What I find to be most amazing about these bars, is that each one has a maximum of eight ingredients.  Some only have two or three!  They’re just a tastey blend of dried unsweetened fruits, nuts, and spices!  There is absolutely nothing unnatural about these bars.  It’s actually amazing how sweet they are without any added sugar,  fillers, supplements or flavorings.  They’re also LOADED with natural vitamins and minerals.  Another fun fact about these spectacular bars, is that they’re raw (uncooked & unproccessed) which means that ultimately, essential enzymes, which are necessary for the digestion and utilization of nutrients, remain completely intact in their most natural, powerful state.  Lärabars are also gluten-free, soy free, and dairy free.  They are NON-GMO, Vegan, and Kosher as well.

Peanut Butter & Jelly

This flavor was hands down my favorite.  Maybe it was because I already had pre-conceived notions since I’ve heard nothing but rave reviews from other blog friends about it, but it sure did live up to its expectation.  It only has four ingredients!  Dates, peanuts, unsweetened cherries, and salt!  The texture of each of these bars was pretty much the same.  Very chewy and savory.  They are also very filling!  At 210 calories, this bar had 10g of fat (2 saturated), 340mg of potassium, 6g of protein, and 4g of fiber!  The sweetness of the dates combined with the salty peanuts and tart cherries was so perfect together.  I’d swear I was biting into a PB&J sandwich, without the crust of course, because those are the best 🙂

Cashew Cookie

Next up in order of preference, was the Cashew Cookie variety.  Considering I could eat any kind of nut like its going out of style, I think I know why I liked this one so much.  This Larabar contains just TWO ingredients!  Cashews and dates! These definitely make a dynamic duo.  Did you know that dates have more potassium than bananas?! At 210 calories, this bar has 12g of fat (2g saturated), 320mg of potassium, 6g of protein, and 3g of fiber!  Additionally, it contains  2 grams of heart-healthy Omega-6 fatty acids and 15 essential vitamins and minerals!  How can such a simple recipe add up to these kind of nutritionals and taste!  Ahhmazing.

Tropical Fruit Tart

Numero three on the list is the Tropical Fruit Tart Lärabar.  This bar was alright.  Not a slam outta the park for me, though.  It had a much more extensive ingredients list though: Dates, pineapple, unsweetened coconut, almonds, extra virgin coconut oil, cashews, orange juice concentrate, and orange juice peel.  I don’t get it, actually because ALL of those ingredients are some of my favorites!  Pineapple and coconut are ALWAYS winners in my book…especially together!   I think what weirded out my tastebuds, was the addition of the last two ingredients.  Orange flavors seem to drown out things for me.  The bar was still good and had a lot of flavor.  I just wish I could’ve tasted more of the coconut and pineapple as opposed to the orange flavoring.  Either way, by eating it, I got a full serving of fruit!  Anddd was provided with 20% of my daily Vitamin C!  At 210 calories, this bar had 12g of fat (7g saturated, which if I’m not mistaken, probably came from the coconut), 310mg of potassium, 5g of fiber, and 3g of protein.   

Lemon Bar

Lastly, we’ve got the Lemon Bar.  Let me start off by warning you.  The review of this bar will most definitely be biased because I absolutely hate lemon flavored anything.  I tried this bar, so I could do the review, trying to tell myself that I needed to put it aside and get over it, but I cannot lie.  I didn’t like this one.  Had I been a fan of lemon, things would be a different story.  The ingredients consist of: Dates, cashews, almonds, lemon juice concentrate, and natural lemon flavor.  The only positive thing I have to say about this flavor, was that the texture was still yummy.  That chewiness has me by the heartstrings 🙂  Oh, I lie-  another positive about this bar is the nutritionals.  At 210 calories, this bar has 11g of fat (1.5 saturated), 330mg of potassium, 6g of fiber, and 3g of protein.  It also provides you with 1 serving of fruit and 1g of Omega-6 Fatty acids…if you’re into that sorta thing 😉  Haha.
I’m now dying to try the Coconut Cream Pie, Banana Bread, and Cinnamon Roll flavors.  Unfortunately, they don’t supply Lärabars in flavors other than Cherry Pie and Apple Pie anywhere close to me, so I may have to order them online (or maybe my buddies there will hook me up?!), which you can do here as well! 
Lärabar also makes two other bars called Jõcalat and Jamfrakas.   Jõcalat is basically a healthy chocolate bar, I think?  And Jamfrakas are the kids’ version of the Larabar!  Maybe I’ll get lucky and have the chance to review these for you as well?! We’ll see what we can do 😉

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