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What kind of health food addict writes about DONUTS on their “health food” blog?!  THIS LUCKY, FRECKLED ONE DOES!  Thanks to Holey Donuts, these typically off limits, melt in your mouth, dessert like donuts are officially IN our calorie budgets!  Oh, my gawsssh.  These babies are living proof that health eating does not mean that we cannot satisfy our sweet tooth.  Thank you SO much to the generous Frank at Holey Donuts for sharing the wealth!  Along with this review, comes an exciting offer as well!  Right now, Holey Donuts is having a giveaway for blog readers of many Holey Donut wonders!  At the end of this review post, I’ll give you all the details on how you  could become the lucky winner!


First on the list to review was my favorite…the Reduced Fat Jumbo Cinnamon Buns.  Just one look at these guys and my heart melts.  🙂

Jumbo Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns♥

These handmade cinnamon buns consist of the perfect blend of vanilla icing, cinnamon, and a hint of apple flavoring.  They actually replace all of the butter, fat and hydrogenated oils found in other cinnamon buns with their mouth watering apple smear which contains real bits of fresh apple and cinnamon!  The best part is that they actually are as big as they look!  I could hardly finish an entire on in a sitting!  Okay, I lie.  It was SO good I probably could’ve eaten the whole box, but I was seriously stuffed after one!  Those pathetic lower calorie snacks that make you feel like you have to take mini bites to make it last, drive me nuts!  Here is a comparison of the nutritionals for these Cinnamon Buns in comparison to Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls:  It’s kind of unbelievable!

Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a donut.  It is still not THE most nutritious choice for a breakfast.  But seriously, if you’re going to splurge on a donut, as a meal, you can eat one of these things and not feel like a total cow.  What’s even better, is that if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, you can divide them up and eat pieces at a time.  Trust me, they’re big enough!  Another thing, I know you’re probably thinking…”man, with this low of a calorie/fat count in comparison to Cinnabon, these donuts must taste like plastic or cardboard”…let me assure you, they taste exactly like the genuine article.  The pastry part is a little bit fluffier and cake-like than the heaviness of a typical donut, but it’s actually for the better if you ask me.  It doesn’t make you feel sick after you eat it! 


Next up on the reviews is “Sampler Favorites A”.  A set of 6 donuts including: Reduced Fat Fudge Boston Cream, Reduced Fat Raspberry Vanilla Truffle, Reduced Fat Caramel Apple,  Reduced Fat Blueberry Crumbcake, Reduced Fat Lemon Graham Cracker, Low Fat Vanilla Crumb

Sampler Favorites A

The Reduced Fat Raspberry Vanilla Truffle is the apple of my eye.  Next to the Cinnamon Buns, these are my all-time favorite Holey Donut.  It was totally gooey and deeelish.  I popped that baby in the microwave for about 15 seconds, which kept the inside still nice and cold from the freezer, but the raspberry filling was to die for, and it mixed perfectly with the sweetness of the vanilla frosting. At just 217 calories, this donut has 3.9g of fat (.7 saturated), 1.4g of fiber, and 5g of protein!  How’s that for a donut?!

I really liked the Reduced Fat Blueberry Crumbcake and Reduced Fat Fudge Crumb Boston Cream as well!  The blueberry filling was almost as good as the Raspberry, and the Boston Cream tasted totally like the real deal.  The other flavors in the Sampler were okay too, but I’m not a real big fan of Lemon, so that one wasn’t a chart topper, and the Vanilla Crumb just seemed so boring in comparison to the other amazing flavors!  Still yummy, though!

30 Piece Low Fat Donut Hole Sampler

Last to be reviewed, was the 30 Piece Low Fat Donut Hole Sampler.  These donut holes come in three flavors (10 of each): Low Fat Raspberry Vanilla Truffle Donut Holes, Low Fat Lemon Vanilla Donut Holes, and Low Fat Boston Cream Donut Holes.  This product is the PERFECT snacking size.  There are only 158 calories in each 4 donut hole serving including 3g of fat (.5 saturated), 1g of fiber, and 3.5g of protein!  Ahhmazing.  I’ll bet you can guess which ones were my favorite considering I’m having a love affair with the Reduced Fat Raspberry Vanilla Truffles 🙂  Youuuu guessed it!  The Raspberry ones were my fave.  In second place came chocolate, and in third, the lemon.  I actually popped a few of these in my mouth still frozen!  They’re so good that way!


Holey Donuts arrive to your door via Fed Ex in dry ice containers, and can be conveniently stored in your freezer, so you won’t feel pressured to “eat them before they get stale” either!  I’ll bet you’re also wondering how they avoid all the calories and fat that go into making typical donuts.  It’s easy!  These donuts are NOT fried!  They have a special patent computerized cooking proccess that creates light and fluffy donuts!  It’s amazing to think that you’d actually have to eat 4 of full-sized Holey Donuts, to get the amount of fat in just one traditional donut.  What’s even better, is that they do not use any artificial sweeteners or fat substitutes in their products.

The only sad thing about these Holey Donuts is that they can only be ordered online, here. Howeverrrr, as previously stated, they are having a spectacular GIVEAWAY in time for the holidays!  All you have to do is email with “FRECKLED FOODIE’S BLOG” in the subject line and you will be entered to win this magnificent prize package of: 1 box of Jumbo Reduced Fat Cinnamon Buns, 1 box of Jumbo Low Fat Blueberry Vanilla Buns, and 1 box of Low Fat Cinnamon Bun Middles along with $150 holiday spending cash!!!  The winner will be announced by December 15.  Also, the Team at Holey Donuts has hooked us up with a discount code for Freckled Foodie Readers:  Buy 2 and get 1 Free!!  All you have to do is place 3 or more assortments in your shipping cart, then at checkout, enter the code HGLL and click recalculate, and BAM! your 3rd assortment will be free (up to a $11.95 value)!


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