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Happy Thanksgiving!

The blogging hiatus is officially over!  Happy Belated Turkey Day, everyone!  Sorry for missing the past few days, but I made a vow to myself that I would be spending my precious vacation time with family and friends, and not behind my keyboard to blog.  It was definitely a great holiday weekend, though.  Let me give you a brief recap of the festivities 🙂 


Thursday, the family was over for Thanksgiving, lunch and dinner.  Our Their meal consisted of turkey, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, filling, cranberry sauce, fruit salad and lots of crazy desserts like pumpkin pie, dirt pudding, banana cream pie, and pumpkin roll.  My meal consisted of steamed green beans, turkey, canned pumpkin, and some fruit salad.  I didn’t get much exercise in, but my cousin Amy and I did go for a 5 mile walk to break up the day a little bit!

Crazies camping out at Best Buy on Black Friday

 Thursday night I got a good amount of sleep, considering I woke up at 3:15 to go Black Friday shopping with my Aunt and two cousins, where we saw the above pictured scene.  I slept in my clothes so all I had to do was grab my snack bag that I packed the night before, brush my teeth, put my contacts in, and go!  I will admit, I did put on a little bit of makeup.  I can’t help it! I feel naked without it.  It’s not a pretty sight 🙂  Anyway, the snack bag consisted of my breakfast: 1 deep chocolate vitatop with 1 golden delicious apple and my lunch:  1 low carb high fiber la tortilla factory wrap with a sonoma jack’s cheese wedge and strawberry SF jelly, a bag of mixed veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, cucumber, & orange pepper), a peach, and a blueberry Oikos. PERFECT shopping fuel 🙂  I made some pretty great purchases!  Some of which I can’t post online, incase the lil seesters decide to check out the blog, since I was helping out Momma Freckled Foodie start her shopping for us chicas.  Buuuuutttt she did tell me that since we’re getting harder to shop for, that if I saw anything that I wanted at a good price to pick it up for her to give me for Christmas!  I picked up this guy at Target (which, by the way, was THE most unorganized and difficult to navigate) for $39.99 originally $68.000!

Sonicare Toothbrush - #1 Dentist Reccommended!

Andddd one more thing for muah.  The Bella Kitchen Rocket for just $9.99 after mail in rebate!  I can’t wait to make some SIAB breakfast treats with this puppyy.  It’s going to be hard to wait until Christmas! 🙂

The Bella Kitchen Rocket

 Anyway, after we got home, I passed out pretty directly, which was around 12:30.  I pretty much vegged for the rest of the night. 

Come Saturday, I woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to roll.  We had our Alumni basketball game vs. the current team at 10AM at my old High School.  It was so much fun.  I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed playing so much.  After the game, I refueled with some steamed shrimp and chinese vegetables from the Great Wall.  My buddies there always know its me when I call to place an order because I get the same thing everytime.  They even hook me up with steamed broccoli in place of the bok choy that comes in the veggies 🙂  We went home, got cleaned up, and decided to trek out to the Christmas Tree Farm where we’ve been getting our tree for the past three years.  It’s a neat little place only about 30 min. away from our house.  They always have free hot chocolate and cookies in the little store that you can browse through as you wait for them to wrap up your tree for you.  It’s so convenient!  They just hand you a piece of colored plastic wrap, you choose your tree & tag it, and then they cut it down for your and package it all up for attachment to the roof of your car!  🙂  Choosing one is always so much fun.  Momma FF said that we each picked out the ones that looked most like us, and that she always liked the shorter, fuller trees, while sister FFs and I always picked out the taller, slimmer trees.  She’s a goof nut.  That’s right.  A goof nut.

Christmas Tree Farm ♥

On Sunday, I woke up, got ready for Sunday School, which I’m really excited about these days because we finally started a Women’s Study (sooo thankful!).  The book we’re reading has really taught me a lot already and I’m excited to see what other plans God has in store for me through reading it.  Anyway, before church I ate some pumpkin cottage cheese with fiber one (a classic), and had a cup of Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice coffee (which I found on sale at Bed, Bath, & Beyond in the K-Cups while Black Friday shopping!) with SF vanilla syrup.  After church was choir practice.  Then, I went home to whip up some lunch and head to LA Fitness for volleyball from 1-4.  Lunch consisted of broccoli slaw, a laughing cow cheese wedge, and lima beans.  I also packed a gala apple to munch on on the way to vball.  This combo never gets old to me!


Volleyball was fun, and I felt good for at least getting out and about for a little while.  Then when I came home, I popped a microwaveable sweet potato in the microwave and got my lunch prepped for packing today.  I steamed some broccoli and added some shrimp with low sodium soy sauce, chili powder, and splenda.  Along with that, I packed 1 c. of frozen blackberries.  I also packed a snack for today to eat between work & my workout sesh.  of 3/4 c. of fiber one (needed some carb fuel!) and some FRS energy mix.  Along with my sweet potato for dinner, I ate some lima beans, broccoli, and some melted FF swiss cheese.  For dessert, I ate some frozen grapes!  If you have not yet tried these, you must ASAP.  They taste way too good to be fruit.  Freezing them really brings out the sweetness when they thaw in your mouth!  Yummm.

My little frozen gems 🙂

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and hanging out with the littlest FF seester, while the parents escorted the middle FF seester back to college.  We watched “Click”, which was on TV last night.  Adam Sandler is the best. 




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  1. i heart adam sandler. and frozen grapes. and the scent of fresh christmas trees!

    • Me too, Holly! 🙂 All of those things combined made for a great weekend! How was your Thanksgiving?!

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  3. yummmmy…… thanks for your suggestions , i’d love to stick to your blog as often as i can.use a great day~~


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