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 Thank you to Marsha & Caragh at Regional Best for giving me a $25 certificate to try the Best Damn Granola Co.’s Fig N’ Nuts & Choc-work Orange Granola varieties for review on my blog!

Regional Best features one stop shopping for handcrafted and handmade foods that are hard to find on your own, like granola made in small batches, chocolate covered bacon, rosemary shortbread, cheddar cheese hand rubbed with sea salt and honey, and organic gluten-free brownies. You’ll also find classics like Vermont maple syrup and hickory smoked ham.  Most of the foods are organic and/or all natural. There are hundreds of products in over a dozen categories!  Gift certificates are also available.  Each artisan’s photo and “story” are featured along with their products, so you know who grew or made the product, and with what ingredients. Foods are attractively packaged for gift giving and ship directly from the producer to maximize great taste, quality, freshness and value.  It’s a really neat site!

Now for the granola!  🙂

Fig N’ Nuts Best Damn Granola


This was my preferance of the two, which is odd considering the other variety included chocolate!  It’s rare that I EVER opt for something over chocolate, but the figgy goodness in this mix was overwhelming!  I could not put the bag down!  In the mix, you’ve got Organic oats, honey, organic black mission figs, organic Thompson raisins, organic oat bran, organic non-gmo soy protein, organic flax seed, organic cranberries, walnuts, sliced almonds, pecans, unsweetened apple juice concentrate, extra virgin olive oil, organic unsweetened coconut chips, vanilla extract, spices, and sea salt.   The coconut was SO perfect and the chewiness of the dried fruits really contributed to the successful flavor! You can eat it on anything, for the most part!  I chose to mainly consume it as a snack overtop of my Oikos or Chobani yogurt, but it would be just as yummy on it’s own, sprinkled on a smoothie, or mixed into your regular breakfast oats!  I could even see myself eating it on it’s own with a little bit of soy milk! 

Choco-work Orange Best Damn Granola


The Choco-work Orange Best 

The Choco-work Orange Best Damn Granola is a winner too, but I think they were a little skimpy on my batch as far as the orange and chocolate pieces are concerned.  I had to dig for the toppings! I felt like it was mostly oats.  When I did get a spoonful of all the ingredients together, it was mighty tasty!  The ingredients for this one are: Organic oats, honey, organic oatbran, organic non-gmo soy protein, organic flax seed, TazaTM chocolate, sliced almonds, walnuts, unsweetened orange juice concentrate, extra virgin olive oil, organic cranberries,  organic unsweetened coconut chips, dried orange, almond extract, orange extract, and sea salt. The coconut wasn’t very prevalent in this mix either for some reason.  Still yummy though, like I said!  I think I’m going to have to invest in some Tazo chocolate after getting a taste of it in this mix because it completely melts in your mouth.  It’s got a smooth, richness to it that I loved.

Thanks again, Regional Best! 



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