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Ohhh We’re Halfway There…

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…Ohhhh living on a prayer 🙂


It’s the halfway mark in the week already!  Once we get past today, it’s all a downhill breeze from here.  Today started out fantastical!  This morning I had one of my most prized breakfasts to date.  It was simple, but there was ONE ingredient that I had never tried before and FELL completely in love with as an addition to my cottage cheese and SF jelly mixture, which I’ll get to a little later. 


Last night, I had a volleyball match at 7:30 as part of the playoffs at LA Fitness, so I went straight from work to get in my workout before the game.  I ended up playing two matches last night because the team playing at 6:30 didn’t have enough people.  Anyway, I had packed several snacky dinner items for eating between my workout and my game since I knew I’d be hungry not having eaten for seven hours and working out for two.  I packed steamed sugar snap peas (which were now cold, obv.), oatmeal with added protein powder to the mix, an orange, a carrot, and a plum.  This was in addition to the fiber one that I packed as workout fuel for between work and the gym.  I also drank 2 servings of FRS energy mix on the way to LA. 


Anyway, I went to the Giant near the gym afterward because I knew I was out of FF cottage cheese and when that’s missing from my breakfast, I feel empty 🙂  So I stopped to get that along with some La Tortilla Factory wraps, since our Giant is terrible and doesn’t EVER have them, some Fiber One, some SF jelly, some broccoli slaw, some Sonoma Jacks Cheese, and some Skinny Water.  Turns out I needed more than I thought.  BUUUTTT, it worked out because in that Giant, there’s also a coffee bar where you can buy SF syrups in flavors that you can rarely find other places!  🙂  I got some Torani SF Pumpkin Pie Syrup and SF Coconut!!!!   Ohh myy goodness.  The combination of the Strawberry SF jelly, cottage cheese, and fiber one was sooo delish!   I will definitely be experimenting with this syrup in other things too.  It was like a pina colada in my mouth, I kid you not.   It was weird because it tasted like more of a summery breakfast, almost tropical, in the beginning of winter, but whatever.  It was scrumptulescent!  Ha.  I’ve got a patent on that word, by the way. 


Another reason why it’s such a good day?!  So many giveaways!

   Rhodey Girl is having a giveaway from Regional’s Best for a $25 gift certificate for one lucky reader!  I’ve got my eye on the Chocolate Sunbutter! Be sure to check it out and enter!

 Healthy and Sane is having a giveaway of this neat little Waterpik Toothbrush!  Enter here and you just might be the lucky winner!

Chocolate Covered Katie is having a Coconut Butter Giveaway!  Enter here!


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