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Move over Gatorade!  Take a seat, Vitamin Water!  A vitamin enhanced water beverage with ZERO calories, ZERO sugar, ZERO carbs, and ZERO sodium is like a dream come true for this freckled foodie.  Watered down, bland taste, NOT INCLUDED 🙂  In each bottle of this smooth tasting, fruity Skinny Water, you’ll find a powerhouse of key vitamins and minerals along with a healthy dose of EGCG for metabolic stimulation!  I have been drinking about two or three per day and have been buying them every chance I get when I’m at the grocery store.  This has got to be one of my favorite products out there.  Maybe this product is so unique because of the neat process that they use to create them.  

“The super purified water goes through the reverse-osmosis and hot-fill process, eliminating impurities and the need to add preservatives. After this we add in our key nutrients, which ensure the freshest, healthiest, best-tasting water possible.”

Thanks to my pals at Skinny Water for sending me a package of them for my review! 

The Skinny Water Family♥

Let me introduce you to the amazing Skinny Water family!

First, we have my personal favorite, Acai Grape Blueberry for “Hi-Energy”.  The taste of this Skinny Water reminded me of a mild grape juice, but without the tart after taste, combined with a hint of blueberry sweetness!  I’ve been packing these as part of my workout fuel because they feature ingredients like Guarana, which is a natural caffeine which stimulates metabolism+ Ginseng, which combats fatigue and stimulate metabolism!   Perfect workout fuel, right?!  Other key ingredients included in this flavor are acai extract, which provides a powerful dose of antioxidants, l-carnitine, which helps metabolize food into energy, and Vitamins B3, B6 & B12, which  allow your body efficiently utilize energy.

Next is my second favorite, Lemonade Passionfruit, or “Total-V”.
 This particular Skinny Water really is like your morning multi-vitamin in a bottle!  And the flavor is right up there with that of the Acai Grape Blueberry! It reminded me of summertime.  It wasn’t sour like some lemonade flavors, which I liked.  It was more sweet!  Lemonade Passionfruit Skinny Water is perfect for the mornings when I’m sitting at my desk in need of something sweet to sip on.  What I love about it, is that one bottle provides you with 14% of your daily calcium, 48% of your daily folic acid, and 96% of your daily Vitamin C!  If you’re looking for a great kick start for your day, this is the flavor for you!  It also contains tons of the essential vitamins A, B, & E to provide energy and mental clarity, supporting a healthy immune system for whole body vitality!


Another flavor for the early birds would be the “Wake-Up” flavor, Orange Cranberry Tangerine.  This wasn’t one of my favorite flavors, but it wasn’t bad.  I’m not typically a fan of tart flavors, and this one definitely had a tang to it.  The first few sips were good, but by the end of the bottle, my tastebuds weren’t interested anymore 🙂  Amazingly, a bottle of this Skinny Water will provide you with 250% of your daily Vitamin C and also combines potassium and calcium to give your body just what it needs to “Wake Up!”


My third favorite in the Skinny family, has got to be the Raspberry Pomegranate “Crave-Control” flavor.  With the help of SuperCitriMax® – a patented form of an herbal extract rich in hydroxycitrix acid (HCA), naturally derived from the Garcinia Cambogia fruit native to parts of Asia and known for its appetite supressing qualities,  this Skinny Water is perfect for between meals when you have the munchies!  I didn’t have any snacks on hand at work the other day, but “Crave-Control” Skinny Water came to the rescue!  Each 1,500 mg SuperCitriMax® serving provides 900 mg of HCA.  Raspberry Pomegranate also contains ChromeMate®, which promotes regulated energy metabolism and helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels. ChromeMate® provides greater biological activity than other tested chromium supplements!
 My two least favorite flavors were probably the Goji Fruit Punch “Shape” and the Peach Mango Mandarin “Detox-XXX”.  Neither were bad tasting, they just weren’t quite as sweet as the others and resembled more of a tangy juice than a flavored water to me.  Either way, they both have excellent nutritional value.  The Goji Fruit Punch contains D-Ribose, which provides sustained energy at the cellular level and L-Leucine + L-Valine, which is a bolster protein complex to inhibit muscle breakdown.  This flavor was perfect for muscle repair after a long workout at the gym.  The Peach Mango Mandarin was great for late nights, long after I got the chance to wind down after the gym and dinner because it contains Hesperidine a citrus bioflavinoid with anti-oxidant properties.    
I’m definitely a Skinny Water fan for life.  These just might make it onto my “Gotta Haves” page, actually!  You can order them online (here) or find them in the grocery store near you!  Also, to get a buy three, get $1.00 off coupon, click here!

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