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Where can you find a healthy bar/shake/mix to perfectly fit your tastebuds?!  At YouBar, you can completely customize your own blend of fresh ingredients while viewing the nutritional information for your personal bar!  They are all made fresh-to-order with satisfaction guaranteed!  It’s so neat!  They also produce YouShakes, YouTrailMixes, YouChocolates, and YouCookies!  Along with many certified organic options, you can choose ingredients for your bar to make it kosher or gluten-free to meet your needs as well!  If you’re feeling a lack of creativity, they also have their “popluar blends” section of each product as well where you can choose from blends that have already been created and are well liked among consumers!

Thank you so much to my awesome buddy, Joel,  at YouBar for sending me some bars, shakes, and trail mixes to review!  I received three of the popular bars, three popular shakes, and three popular trail mixes! 

My favorite YouBar variety was the Honey Cashew bar that I was sent.  It contained Cashew Butter, Honey, Whey Protein, Nutty Rice Cereal, and Organic Honey.  It was a great combination of salty and sweet thanks to the honey and cashews, with a great texture, combining crunch and chewiness from the nutty rice cereal mixed with honey!  Nutritionally, it was a protein powerhouse with a total of 10 grams!  The other two bars were tasty as well!  The Breakfast Bar combines coffee, cocoa and cinnamon to make a mouthwatering, convenient on-the-go breakfast for java lovers.  The ingredients list consists of Deglet noor dates, Egg white powder, Honey, Cocoa Powder, Instant Coffee Crystals (caffeinated), Cinnamon.  There are only 150 calories in this bar, 1g of fat (.5 saturated), 4g of fiber, and 8g of protein!  Last but not least, we’ve got the Great Date with Chocolate bar which contains Organic Dates, Whey Protein Isolate, Organic Honey, Cocoa.  It reminded me of a brownie-like texture!  Chewy and sweet.  With just 140 calories, 1.5g of fat (.5 saturated), 4g of fiber, and 8g of protein, this bar is a winner in my book!

The YouTrailMixes and YouShakes were great as well! Very versatile, too!  I actually ended up using them as add ins and topping for my oats/cottage cheese mixes!  Of the trail mixes, my favorite was the Chocolate Trails, which included Pecans, Dried Cherries, Peanuts, Milk Chocolate Raisins, Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips, Mini Pretzels.  If I made my own, I would definitely have to incorporate some chocolate covered espresso beans in there somewhere!  The Chocolate Trails mix contains 220 calories, 13g of fat (3g saturated), 4g of protein, and 4g of fiber.

The shakes came in Vanilla Dream, Breakfast Shake, and Blended Bliss.  My favorite was probably the Breakfast Shake which was  a flavor combination of chocolatey banana!  With just 100 calories, 1g of fat, 1g of fiber and 15g of protein,  I mixed mine in with a vanilla greek yogurt, and the combination was mouthwatering!  Very creamy, too.  These are also great for making protein smoothies!  Just grab a handful of ice cubes, a splash of soy milk, and a packet of this powder, blend together, and enjoy! What I liked best was that, unlike most powder mixes, there was no chalky taste at all!  The Blended Bliss was really yummy too!  It had a strawberry banana flavor that was very tropical and fruity, but without the overwhelming sweetness factor!

These bars, shakes, cookies, trail mixes, and chocolates make great gifts as well! You can order them here online! They’ve even hooked us up with a great PROMO CODE for 5% off your order!  Just use coupon code FRKLDFANS3 when checking out!

Great job on a very creative product, YouBar! 🙂


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