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Zevia Review & Giveaway!

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 “Nature’s Answer To Diet Soda”™

Zero zero calories, zero carbohydrates, and zero sugar, made with no artificial sweetners, colors, or flavors, are what make this all natural diet soda the first of its kind!  By using Stevia and Erythritol, an all-natural sweetner extracted from fruits and vegetables in the fermentation process,  it manages to rank a zero on the glycemic index charts.  It is certified kosher and is gluten and dairy free.   

It comes in six classic flavorsRoot Beer, Cola, Ginger Ale, Black Cherry, Twist, and Orange

 Thanks to my friend, Margaret from Zevia, I got to try all of the flavors to review them and share with you all!! 

Let’s start off with my favorite flavor:

Zevia Root Beer was definitely a winner.  It tasted just like the genuine article.  Not too sweet, with a hint of aged vanilla taste.  I wouldn’t have even been able to tell it was diet, to be honest!  I really liked this one.

Now, for my least favorite.

Zevia Orange was tolerable, but not favored.  One of my bloggie buds hit the nail on the head when she said it reminded her of a liquid version of orange Tic Tacs.  It seemed overly sweet to me, but it wasn’t horrible. 

Next up:

Zevia Black Cherry was pretty yummy.  Dessert like, and sweet, it reminded me of Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper, which I am a fan of.  It’s nice to know that while you’re drinking it, you’re putting nothing artificial into your body! 

Zevia Cola is next on the list.  Did it taste like Diet Coke/Pepsi?  No.  Not really.  I wasn’t a huge fan of this flavor.  The carbonation seemed to overwhelm the taste of this one and I had a weird after taste in my mouth.  It wasn’t bad going down, but the Cola taste was subtle.  Maybe a little bit watered down tasting?  Wasn’t bad, but nothing to rave about.

 The last two flavors, Ginger Ale and Twist, I liked equally as well.  Oddly enough, I’m typically not a drinker of either type of soda, but these Zevia versions were tasty! 

Thanks again, Margaret!!  Hey guess what else, guys?!  She even hooked us up with a GIVEAWAY for one grand prize winner of a FULL mixed case and two runners up for 6-pack mixed cases!  Isn’t she awesome?!

You can enter three times! 

1.  If you have your own blog, write about my giveaway and link back to this post and leave a comment telling me you’ve done so.

2.  Leave an additional comment telling me which flavor you’d most like to try.

3.  Tweet about the “Freckled Foodie Zevia Giveaway” and comment telling me you’ve done so.

Contest will close and winners will be announced on December 21st, 2009!  Be sure to enter!


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  1. oooooooh! awesome giveaway!! Zevia is sooo yummy! i wish it would replace all of the popular soda fountain drinks!!

    root beer and orange have always been my favs!

  2. ohh and thank you for hosting a fun giveaway!! 😀

  3. I would loooove to try that orange flavor! SO BADLY! Thanks for hosting the giveaway 🙂

  4. I would most want to try root beer! I love stevia but have never tried Zevia. Awesome giveaway!

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  6. I’d most like to try Zevia Black Cherry

  7. I’d love to try ginger ale!

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  10. I recently broke up with Mountain Dew, I’m on about 5 days now and ever since I have heard of these guys I have been achin to try.

    Because, alas, I will always be a diet soda head.

    I would love to try the ginger ale.

    I would love to see if it tasted like real Jamaican ginger beer.


  11. mmmm the root beer would totally have my heart 🙂 haha

  12. mmm black cherry sounds delicious!!

  13. love the root beer! I love that it’s “ginger root beer”. I would like to try the Dr.Zevia as well!
    Another fantastic giveaway Sami!
    You’re the best!


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