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Great Day To Be Alive

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Well, it’s finally Friday again!  The first full week of December is officially over.  There were lots of exciting things that took place this week!  My trip to NYC, my first run up the giganto mountain, great eats,  exciting discounts and giveaways, and my sister’s chorus concert

Last night was no exception to the excitement.  After making my way home from the gym, where I did the same old workout routine as usual, I made myself a delectable dinner consisting of chunky tomato Dr. McDougall’s soup, which I added my own steamed broccoli to, with a grilled cheese quesadilla with a La Tortilla Factory low carb high fiber whole wheat tortilla and fat free swiss cheese, along with a side of 1/2 of a cooked squash drizzled with sugar free syrup and sprinkled with cinnamon.  I do have pictures, and will add them to the post later, but I haven’t had the chance to upload them quite yet.  It was a meal fit for a queen!  For dessert, I microwaved some frozen peaches, sprinkled them with cinnamon and splenda and chowed them down.  Perfect balance! 🙂 

Here’s the map for the race tomorrow! 🙂

After dinner, Julian came over for a little bit to hang out and we talked about how things are going to go down come race day (TOMORROW!).  I am getting more and more nervous.  I know I’ll be able to finish it, considering I’m running about 7 miles total a day, but I’m more concerned with having a shot a placing. 

They are far cheaper than UGGS and just as cozy! I wear them every chance I get!

Then, he left to go play the drums for a band he’s in at a local bar in our town.  I decided to go show some support, so I threw on some black sweater tights, a slinky grey dress, and my black furry boots from tar-jay, which I am absolutely in love with.  They are the most comfortable, warm shoes everrr.

It made for a fun night, but I didn’t stay much past 10:30 because I was wiped out from a long days work and the gym workout.  Soon I left, but stopped at Giant for FF cottage cheese which I needed for breakfast this morning.  What can I say?! It’s my staple.  I had some strawberry shortcake for breakfast this morning, along with a pumpkin spice coffee with Torani SF syrup.  Julian is a fan of this coffee now too!  I let him try some last night.

I had to pack my lunch and dinner to take to work with me  because I’m meeting my Mom right after work to head to a play that’s about an hour or so away.  My best friend and her husband sold us tickets to their church play this year, which dinner is part of, but they’re serving only burgers and fries…Not quite an acceptable meal for the night before a race!  Unless its a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun and baked sweet potato fries?  Doubtittttttt.  Ha.   Anywho, my dinner and lunch will be the exact same.  I know it’s a total food blogging DON’T, but I didn’t have many options and I was kind of hurrying to pack it so I could get to bed last night.  It’s going to be a bunch of loose raw veggies and hummus, with a hebrew national 97%ff hot dog with ketchup, along with a high fiber tortilla and cheese wrap.  I packed an apple too.  Photos to come.

Have a great Friday, errbody! 

There are tons of awesome giveaways going on right now in the blogworld!  IOWAGIRLEATS is having a Starbucks/Noodles & Co. aka coffee and carbs giveaway that you should totally enter to help you make it through the Holiday madness! There are going to be SEVEN total winners, so you’ve got a decent shot at a prize! Yum Yucky is having an Odwalla Giveaway for 6 bars!  It’s a Greedy Giveaway so enter by Sunday, Dec. 13th to win! The Healthyeverythingtarian is having a Tablespoon Giveaway here that you should enter to win.  And last but not least, Danica of Danica’s Daily is having a V8 giveaway which ends tomorrow, December 12, 2009.  Enter now for  your chance to win some soup and an awesome veggie pen! 🙂

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  1. Wow – you are so busy but in a good way. LOVE those boots. Thanks for the V8 Giveaway shoutout – good luck, good luck! The pen is so cute, I agree 🙂


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