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Yesterday couldn’t have been better.  Surrounded by family and friends, Christmas memories were made. 

There were lots of kisses, hugs, and gifts. 

After brunch, we pretty much vegged out, had some immediate family time before the rest of the gang arrived, and messed around with the goods from Santa 🙂 

Brunch recap: broccoli, ff cheese, & egg scramble with rye bread & sf strawberry jelly.

We finally got a new Scattegories game to replace the 15-year-old, tattered version that we had.  We also got the “Catch Phrase” game that I played for the first time at my ex’s house with his family.  It was a lot of fun.  Kind of like an electronic version of Taboo if you’re familiar with that game.

Catch Phrase

There were several gifts that I was really excited to give this year.  For example, I found a Steelers’  foldable chair at Bed, Bath & Beyond for my Dad, a diamond necklace at Kohl’s for my sister, lots of TEAM JACOB New Moon stuff at Target for the littlest, and a cute outfit from American Eagle for the Momma.  Black Friday shopping really paid off! 

Dad's Steelers' Chair

Some of the most exciting gifts I received included a Bella Rocket Blender, a jewelry box which can be mounted on a wall with a photo collage on the front, a Sonicare tooth brush, and Under Armour leggings and cold gear for all my outdoor running! 

Cold Gear

I was thrilled.  Now I won’t have to borrow the little sisters’ cold gear when getting ready for long runs in the snow!

Unfortunately, my back is still killing me…

Anyway, dinner was awesome too.  When everyone got there on Friday night, we had the food all ready to go!  There was roasted turkey, green beans, candied sweet potatoes, baked beans, macaroni & cheese, and corn for the entree & sides, along with appetizers and munchies like a veggie tray, bologna, cheese, & crackers, and chips & pretzels.  The dessert buffet was ridiculous!  There were Christmas cookies out the wazoo, my aunt brought her famous tea ring, my grandma brought some pumpkin pie, my cousin brought a frozen Oreo cookie pie, and someone unknown brought a coconut custard pie.  There was enough food here to feed an entire country. 

My plate looked like this:

I had lots of green beans, some turkey, and some cucumbers and carrots covered in pineapple salsa. To drink I had some Diet 7 Up with Cherry.

I knew all the desserts were packed with fat & calories, so for my dessert, I opted for MY version of coconut custard 🙂

Dannon Light N' Fit Pineapple Coconut Yogurt

It was creamy, coconutty, and perfect for a sweet end to my meal. 

The rest of the night consisted of games, family bonding, and football watching. 

This morning, I had yoga at 8:30 and a scheduled run for right afterward at 10AM from the High School, where I was meeting Julian.  

Before yoga, I had this scrumptous Eat Natural bar (stay tuned for the official review):

Almond & Apricot Vanilla Yogurt Covered Bar

Unofficial review: ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.  LOVED it.

Anyway, along with this bar, I grabbed a few frozen grapes out of the freezer.  It was like dessert for breakfast 🙂 

Yoga was great, very relaxing and low impact on my  injured back.  After yoga, I ran to the school where I was meeting up with my running partner, but to my dismay, the back was killing me.  Everytime my hips rotated I cringed with pain.  The chiropractor told me that I had to wait until after Christmas to do any kind of running, so I figured I’d start with a warm up run from the church where yoga is held to the High School.  I had even taken some advil prior to running, but it was throbbing!  There is no way I could’ve maintained a 15 miler today.  It almost brought me to tears and I felt horrible once Julian showed up because he drove the whole way there just to turn around and go home. 

Here’s what the chiropractor thinks is the problem: (He said its a very common injury among runners) 

Sciatic Nerve Damage

Anyway, Julian was really sweet about it.  He didn’t seem to mind that he drove so far for nothing.  He actually gave me this neat water bottle for running! He knows how complicated I make it to run & carry a water bottle.  Haha. This one is cool though, because it has a little pocket for your hand to go through, making it easy to tote around.  Wasn’t that nice of him?! It even has a little zipper area that you can put your keys and such in!

Check it out!:

I'm so lucky to have such great friends.

Thanks, Julian! 🙂 I love it.

When I returned home, I jumped in the shower (yes, I did sweat a little bit at yoga!), got ready for the day, and took a trip to the grocery store with my Dad since I was completely out of fresh veggies.  He was picking up a few things for my Mom, who is hosting a brunch for her friends on Monday morning-some lucky ducks don’t have to work on Mondays!!!

We got home around 12:30 and I made some lunch:

There WILL be a repeat of this combo!

The portabellos were heated via toaster prior to assembly 🙂

Lunch consisted of two portabello mushroom caps for a bun to sandwich my Garden Veggie burger and sliced cherry tomatoes.  On the side, I had a lettuce-less salad with chopped broccoli, cucumber, carrot, and cauliflower topped with pineapple salsa. 

The girls and I decided to go see a movie and make our Christmas returns today after lunch.  We started at the Mall, which was more insane and packed than the week BEFORE Christmas, then we headed to Dick’s, and from there we hit Kohl’s.  We just barely made it in time for the movie, but we luckily missed the previews! 

“Did You Hear About The Morgans” was a movie that I was wanting to see from the time I saw its previews!  I’m not sure why, because I don’t typically like Sarah Jessica Parker or hugh Grant, but the plot of this movie appealed to me.  It looked so funny!  And it definitely wasn’t a let down.

When we got home tonight, I whipped up a quick dinner of leftover shrimp from Christmas Eve at the Godparents.  I was so full from dinner that night that I didn’t get to eat any, but they are good to me and sent a care package home for me to eat as leftovers.  I also steamed some brussel sprouts in the microwave which were sprinkled with salt and pepper.  I dipped the shrimp in pineapple salsa which was the perfect salty/sweet combo.

Dinner Plate

Yummy brussels

For dessert, I munched on another Eat Natural bar:

Cranberry, macadamia nut, & dark chocolate

This combo was to die forrr.  Mmm. I will be investing in more of these Eat Natural bars for sure. 

Tomorrow is the Christmas program at church since last week was cancelled due to inclimate weather!  It should be a great show of the children’s choir, adult choir, and the Christmas story!  Veryyy excited.  Have a great Sunday!


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