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I have made a vow to myself, that I would never lie about a product, regardless how of grateful I am that the company sent me something to review.  To be completely honest, I was not a huge fan of these cereals.  I felt like they were seriously lacking flavor.  The texture and crunchiness was great, along with the fantastic nutritionals, but I had to add a lot of my own fixings to these cereals while reviewing them.  Enjoy Life Foods makes a variety of different yummy looking things like cookies, granola, snack bars, bagels, trail mixes, and baking goods too!  I think I would’ve loved some of the granola!  It looks very flavorful.  Unfortunately, I think I was sent some of the boring stuff, or this review might be a little more positive.  I am grateful to Kasey at Enjoy Life Foods for sending some at all!

Perky's Cruncy Rice & Crunchy Flax Cereals

Don’t get me wrong, these cereals did not taste bad.  It wasn’t one of those products that is actually difficult for me to eat, they were just very plain.  I made sure to add some fruit, cinnamon,  nut butter, and agave (or whatever else I had to) to give it some spunk.  I think my favorite combination was the cereal drenched in unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze, topped off with a dollop of almond butter.  It reminded me of what this might taste like (not sure because I’ve never had one):

Crispy Reece's

  I think that these cereals would best be used as texturizers for topping yogurt or something, because they didn’t have much taste, but the nutrients and the texture were great!  Not to mention, they are a great option for those with dietary restrictions such as gluten & nuts!  I love that it is 100% natural as well!  Nothing artificial, whatsoever.  It is sweetened with a hint of fruit juice and honey.

The Crunchy Flax prides itself in that it is high in fiber and also contains 425mg of Omegas 3 & 6 along with 50g of whole grains! Just one 3/4 C. serving will provide you with 15% of each your daily Iron & Vitamin B6

Check out the stats:

The Crunch Rice cereal has the exact same texture and crunch factor as the Flax, but it is extremely low in sodium!  It is also very low in fat as well, but has the same gluten-nut free promise as the Flax cereal.  One 3/4 C. serving will give you 210 calories, 1g of fat, 4g of protein, and 2g of fiber.

Overall, I love the fact that this cereal is so wholesome and healthy, however, I am a big fan of flavor and taste.  I would probably not buy this cereal for myself, because I like to be excited about eating something, not feel like its a chore.  I would definitely be up for trying some of the other Enjoy Life Foods such as the tasty looking granola or trial mixes, which also have some pretty impressive nutritionals! 


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