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Choclatique Pure Power Bars

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Thank you for the opportunity to review Choclatique Pure Power Bars, Monica!!What more could a girl ask for than an anti-oxidant rich, Private Reserve Dark Chocolate  (64%) protein bar, with all-natural sustainable ingredients, and nothing artificial?! You’ve got me!!!


Pure Power Fruit & Nut Bars

Choclatique has created two Pure Power bars, Peanut and Peanut & Fruit bars, which not only taste completely indulgent, but it provide some great nutritional stats through wholesome, natural ingredients!!  Each 1.75 oz. bar is 100% gluten-free and contains everyday ingredients (all of which are recognizable!) such as  peanuts, whole cane sugar, brown rice syrup, egg whites, brown rice, dark chocolate, peanut flour, dried cherries, dried blueberries, roasted aromatic peanut oil, gelatin, sea salt, and vanilla!  The peanuts and egg whites provide a nice protein boost (9.5 grams!), while the brown rice and dried cherries give your body sustained levels of energy for long periods of time.  These bars are not like other candy bars that will spike your blood sugar and cause an energy crash an hour later either.  Whether it’s a 210-calorie snack that you’re after or a meal replacement bar, these mouthwatering flavors make a great option for indulgence without guilt

Pure Power Peanut Bar.

I loved them both!  I used them for workout fuel between my lunch at work and workouts at the gym.  They held me over and gave me fuel from 12:30PM until 7PM when I finally was able to make it home for dinner.  Not only that, I didn’t feel too full to run or heavy from eating it pre-workout. 

Check out their website here, where you can order your own box today!


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