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Probiotics never tasted so mmm mmm goood!!!  Thanks to Diana at Good Belly, I was fortunate enough to review some insanely flavorful probiotic products to share with you guys!  I received some of each of the Good Belly quarts in Blueberry Acai, Mango, Cranberry Watermelon, and Black Currant along with three of the Good Belly Plus flavored shots (which are completely adorable!) in Strawberry, Blueberry Acai, and Mango. 

Incase you’re out of the probiotic loop, the health benefits are essential to quality digestion and immunityThey can help keep your entire system in balance!

Good Belly Plus

The “Plus” means that they are the same great tasting probiotic formula as the quart sizes, only they’ve got extra nutrients through 17 essential vitamins and minerals!  All of Good Belly’s products are completely vegan too!  They have no soy, dairy, or wheat!  Just 20 BILLION live and active cultures per serving!  They are made with only organic, natural ingredients too, so you can be confident you will only be putting the best that nature has to offer into your body! 

How cute are they? They even smile at you 🙂

The taste is unbelievable too!  I thought I just picked up a smoothie as I chugged one of these little shots!  The strawberry was my favorite and reminded me of a daquari!  One shot left me wanting more! I couldn’t believe the nutrients packed into just one 50 calorie serving of these Good Belly Plus guys:

Strawberry Good Belly Plus Nutritional Information

Amazing, right?!

To be honest, there wasn’t a flavor I didn’t like!  If you are a skeptic and want to have proof for yourself, just take the Good Belly 12-Day Challenge!  If you complete this form on the website, Good Belly will immediately shoot you an email with valuable coupons to get you through your first 12 days. On your 12th day, they will email you a $3.00-off coupon to keep you going, so look out for that as well! They want you to “Feel the benefits of GoodBelly after 12 days of consistent use, or it’s on them. Guaranteed.”  To start you off, here’s a coupon for $1.00 off!!!

Find a store near you that carries Good Belly!


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  1. What a cute little face!! I want to try those just for that smile!

    • I know, right?! They’re adorable! And they honestly do taste like mini smoothies! Better than any OTHER shot I’ve ever had 😀

  2. Love products, but should give continual coupons

    • The GoodBelly shots always have coupons on the inside of the box so you can save when you re-buy them. These are the greatest products ever–delicious but also so healthy! I have them every day and feel so much better with them.


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