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Thank you so much to Samantha at Eat Natural for sending me two flavors of Eat Natural Bars for review! 

These bars are made with natural ingredients and contain all types of wholesome add-ins such as nuts, dried fruit, yoghurt, and dark chocolate!  All of their bars are gluten-free and vegetarian friendly, also!!

I got to try the Eat Natural with…cranberries macadamias
and dark chocolate
bar first! 

Product Image
Just reading the ingredients list was enough to make my mouth water. 


The dynamic duo of macadamia nuts and dark chocolate really had the whole salty&sweet thing going on.  Then, just when you think the taste can’t get any better, you bite into a sweet, yet tart cranberry.  My tastebuds were singing

Not to mention, for 221 calories, this serves as a quick and easy breakfast treat that makes you feel as if you’ve just indulged in a dessert!  I ate this before my Saturday morning yoga class, which was convenient because I like to roll right out of bed, brush my teeth and leave, but by the time class is over my belly is rumbling! This tided me over not only through yoga, but until lunch!  It was very filling!  I wasn’t too happy about the amount of sugar (15g) and fat, the fats are mostly healthy.  And I didn’t mind taking in the sugar because I realized I would need the carb power for yoga 😉  The 2.5g of protein and 2.5g of fiber aren’t too shabby either!

The second bar I tried was my favorite. 

Eat Natural with…almonds apricots and
a yoghurt coating.

Product Image 

I’m a huge fan of anything coconut, and the flavor in this bar seemed coconut heavy!  I’m not sure why I could taste it so much in this bar as opposed to the other one, since the ingredients list states that the bar consists 14% of shredded coconut and this one only said it contained 12% shredded coconut??? Weird.  Who cares though…I LOVEED it!


 Weighing in at 228 calories, 12.4g of fat (8.2 saturated), and 2.9g of each fiber and protein, the nutritionals are that of a candy bar for the most part.  Realistically, they’ve got much more nutritious ingredients, but in comparison to the stats of a typical candy bar, I can’t say that these would win out? I really enjoyed the taste and textures of these bars though, and didn’t feel disgusting after I ate them (as I do with processed candy bars), however, I will not be making these bars a part of my daily diet.  As a treat now and then? Sure.  🙂

 These bars actually come from the UK, but you can order them online here, here, or here!

Thanks again, Samantha!


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  1. My question is where did you get the nutritional contents of the bar, as my biggest gripe with these bars is that they don’t display any nutritional info except a list of ingredients on the bar itself.
    My favourite is the ‘brazils, sultanas, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts’ bar and I’m hoping it has less sugar and fat (and calories) than the two you reviewed???

  2. Go to the brand’s website and you’ll get all the nutritional info.:



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