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The incredible, edible egg has just improved its rank on my list of favorites thanks to Eggland’s Best!  Now the BEST is even BETTER!!!  Everyone knows that eggs supply an undeniable amount of nutrition for our bodies, but not everyone has had the opportunity to experience the goodness of THESE eggs.  Ordinary eggs don’t stand a chance in coming into my house again! These guys are nutritional powerhouses! 

In addition to tasting great, here are some comparisons of Eggland’s Best vs. ordinary eggs:

  • Cholesterol:  EB=175mg vs. Ordinary=213mg


  • Vitamin A: EB’s eggs are over 50% higher in Vitamin A than ordinary eggs, aiding in eye & skin health.


  • Vitamin E: EB’s eggs provide 25% of the DV of Vitamin E, which is 10X more than ordinary eggs.


  • Vitamin D: EB’s eggs have 4X more Vitamin D than in an ordinary egg and 20% of the recommended DV.


  • Vitamin B12 & B2: EB’s eggs have 75% more Vitamin B12 than ordinary eggs and 15% of the recommended DV of Vitamin B2 .


  • EB’s eggs have 25% less saturated fat than in an ordinary egg.


  • EB’s eggs have 100mg of Omega 3, compared to only 37mg in an ordinary egg.


  • Each EB egg has just 70 calories!
Eggland’s Best Carton Varieties

A huge thank you to Lainie at Eggland’s Best for sending me coupons to try the EB products out for a review!  While grocery shopping, I picked up a carton of the Cage Free, Grade A Large Brown Eggland’s Best Eggs.  Cage-free simply means that the hens that the eggs come from are completely free to roam and not raised in a cage.  These eggs are also organic, meaning that the hens were fed healthy grains with no animal fat, no animal byproducts, and no recycled or processed food

Shelf shopping 🙂

I enjoyed these eggs many ways!  I made them hardboiled to add as protein for on top of my salads (replacing the yolks with hummus):


 I used them to create healthy egg white omelettes with veggies and spices:

protein packed breakfast!

Eggs are so versatile!  They’re used in creative ways ALLLL over the blogosphere (only the (Eggland’s)BEST, of course) for things like fried rice, eggy oats, or baked goods!

Way to go Eggland’s Best for constant improvement and for dominating the egg world! 🙂 You can check out their website for awesome recipes and extra info here!


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