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A big thank you to Krista at Musselman’s for sending me this yummy container of Musselman’s for my review!

She also sent me this adorable magnet to support the Fight for Breast Cancer, which I’ve been proudly sporting on the back of my car!  The entire month of January, you can help Musselman’s donate to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  For each package of Musselman’s Natural Apple Sauce purchased, Musselman’s will donate 10¢!

Not only will the Breast Cancer Foundation benefit from your purchase, but so will your health!  With no fat or cholesterol, Musselman’s is made from fresh, seasonal apples and is very low in sodium!  Check out these nutritional stats!

Along with the eco-friendly family size jars of Natural Applesauce, you can get this variety in individually portioned cups for snack packing, or on the go meals! 

The health benefits of these Natural Applesauces are endless!  Apples contain complex carbohydrates that will give you energy faster than eating something high in sugar.  Apples also contain pectin, a water-soluble fiber found to reduce levels of cholesterol by removing it from the bloodstream.  Then there’s boron, also found in apples, which is an essential trace element that helps to harden bones!  It is thought to reduce the onset of osteoporosis.  Every four ounces even gives you 1 whole serving of fruit at just 50 calories!

There are lots of ways I incorporated this delicious treat into my diet.  It is so versatile!  Don’t get me wrong, I could’ve easily eaten the entire container, as is, but I tried to get a little bit creative, too! 

I mixed it with my cottage cheese + cinnamon:

cottage cheese applesauce.

The textures really blended well together and the saltiness of the cottage cheese really complimented the natural sweetness of the applesauce.  The cinnamon really set off this snack!

Pumpkin Applesauce:

canned pumpkin + applesauce

This was some serious fibery goodnesss for a snack! It kept me full for awhile!

There are also lots of recipes on the Musselman’s website that I cannot wait to try! Don’t these sound amazing???: Apple Walnut Pizza, Apple Sweet Potato Bake, Apple Cheesecake Pie, and Easy Apple Harvest Cake!  There are tons more, too!  Be sure to check them out and support the Musselman’s Contributions to the Breast Cancer Foundation!


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  1. Lynn at The Actors Diet

    applesauce is terrific! i love using it in baking.

  2. Yummy – great ideas for using applesauce to create delicious, healthy snacks!

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