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Ode To Jonagolds & Jan.

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The foodie highlight of my weekend was by far this brown paper bag of jewels:

It's the little things...

 Thanks so much, Jan!  You are THE BEST!

Jan is a great friend of the family and she knows how in love I am with this type of apple, but I haven’t had time to make it to the farm stand where they sell them!  It’s only about 1/2 hour away from my house, but I never seem to be headed that way and planned on making a special trip eventually, but never got around to it!  Saturday, she text me to let me know she picked me up a bag!  You have no idea how excited I was


After work, I headed home to get my biking on after snacking on this awesome asian pear that I bought at market:

Asian Pear

Quite frankly, I just grabbed it because I thought it was pretty nifty and must be tasty if it’s carefully sitting in a foam protector.  Haha.  It looked like a “delicacy”.  It was pretty good too!  Very crisp, sweet, & juicy.  It was like a poor man’s Jonagold apple 😉 Just doesn’t measure up.

Then, I biked and biked and biked some more (burning 600 calories).  For the first time in a long time, I had no plans on Friday night.  My parents went to dinner & had a meeting with some friends and possible business partners and my little sister was at the high school girls’ basketball game (which I contemplated going to, but decided against it).  I just enjoyed a quiet night in.  Took a bubble bath, drank some red wine, and relaxed.  I didn’t actually sit down and eat a meal for dinner, I just picked and snacked all night on things like:


Pumpkin Fluff= canned pumpkin + cool whip free.

Cream Cheese Toast = whole wheat bread slice + Sonoma Jack's Cheese wedge + splenda

Baked Beans bowl = pinto beans + sugar free syrup + cinnamon

Random eats?  I know!  But whatever.  It’s what I was hungry for!  Lots of brown, too? Weird.


Saturday morning started with a quick and easy breakfast for pre-yoga workout fuel.  A slice of whole wheat toast with melted Sonoma Jack’s and splenda on a classy paper towel:



Class began at 8:30, and was pretty relaxing.  It wasn’t too intense this week, but we did a lot of back bending and stretching which was good for me.  I was prepared and had packed a bag full of running wear for after class so I could leave straight from there for my morning run.  I absolutely LOVE Saturday mornings because I feel like I’ve gotten my exercise in by the time it’s about noon!  I actually ran from the church where our yoga class is, to my best friends’ parents house, about 1 mile outside of town.  She and her husband stayed over last night because they live about an hour away, and went with her parents to a Hershey Bears’ game the night before.  I totally surprised her when I showed up on her doorstep!  I visited for awhile, drank some water, and got back “on the road again…” 🙂 

When I finally got home, after a nice 6 miles, I still had some energy, so I biked for another 1/2 hour before I got a shower.  I figured I might as well!  I was already nice and sweaty glistening.  After my shower, I whipped up a quick lunch of:


Egg beaters, baby spinach, mushrooms, minced onion, broccoli, and carrots.

and a side of:

Farmer's market honeydewww

It wasn’t very ripe or sweet, which was a let down, but I ate it anyway…

Then, I took some clothes that I never wear anymore to the Consignment store a few miles from my town and then grocery shopping where I picked up the following three goods:

Black Cherry Sugar Free Jello

Jumbo Lump Crab Meat

Swiss Diet Sweet Tea

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze

Check out the size of these apples!  Told ya they were amaayyyyzing.

When I got home from the store, I ate one as a snack.  I helped my Mom prep some foods for Sunday, since my Dad’s side of the family would be visiting from Lancaster for lunch and dinner after church.  Then, around 6 I got a phone call from my bestie, who was getting ready to head back to her apt. an hour away, but wanted to know if I could meet up for dinner!  I said yes, immediately 🙂

We went to Wayne’s, a local restaurant.  It was so good to spend time with her!  She got:

Mozarella Sticks



Cream of Crab Soup

And I ordered:

Steamed shrimp with a bare baked potato & veggies.

I later added ketchup & mustard to the tater 🙂

After dinner, they headed back to their place, I went to mine, and hung out with the family for the rest of the night.  Very low key…

Hope you all had a great Friday & Saturday!

Also!  Teri Jo at Amazing Grass has been so generous as to offer Freckled Foodie readers a 15% discount off of their total order!  Just use coupon code “healthy123” at checkout!! 🙂


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