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NutraSalt - The Good Salt

Thank you to my friend Stephanie at NutraSalt for sending me a few samples of these awesome spices for review!  I received Lemon & Herb, Sea Salt, Bold Chipotle, African Medley, and Seasoned Salt.  These terrific flavorful spices are all created in an effort to give folks a heart healthy alternative to salt.  With 66% less sodium than salt, NutraSalt is naturally rich in Potassium and is also made all-naturally!  There are even trace minerals from the Dead Sea!  The taste is great, too.  The best part?  NO METALLIC AFTERTASTE! 

I was a huge fan of the African Medley version:

Low Sodium Sea Salt sea-salt

This tastes great on grilled meats, potatoes, and beans especially! This handcrafted blend features cinnamon, ginger and other authentic spices and herbs! I mixed it with stewed tomatoes, mushrooms, blackeyed peas, and minced onion for a tasty soup that I adapted from this recipe on the website!  It was SO savory. And check out the nutritionals!

Low Sodium Sea Salt sea-salt

Only 30mg of sodium and 0 calories!

The Bold Chipotle was good too!  But be careful with this one!  It is VERY powerful and SPICY!  I think I put too much on when I seasoned my grilled chicken with this one because it was seriously flaming!

Low Sodium Sea Salt sea-salt

I would imagine this flavoring would be better on something that could counteract with the spiciness.  Something mild such as brown rice would be good with this one!  Maybe even on tacos? Can’t wait to try it!

Low Sodium Sea Salt sea-salt

The Lemon & Herb had a nice subtleness about it.  I’m not a fan of things lemon flavored, but the zing wasn’t overpowering, so I could handle it.  In this blend, we’ve got citrus, garlic, coriander, and bell pepper.  It was actually very good on fish and shrimp, which is what is reccommended for use.  I’d like to also try this spice on oven roasted veggies!  I think it will really pull out all the natural flavor! 

It felt really great knowing that I could season and flavor some of my favorite foods that would otherwise be somewhat bland without the harmful effects of piles of sodium!  The Sea Salt & Seasoned Salt versions of NutraSalt were also exceptional tasting!

Again, my tastebuds & blood pressure thank you, Stephanie for sending these guys my way! 🙂


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  1. those flavors sound great! I love seasonings that are salt free – I like being able to control the salt myself.

  2. i hate sodium so i am stoked you introduced me to this stuff! i will try to find it. thanks!


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