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A big thank you goes out to Jack from PopCulture Probiotics for sending me some of their awesome bars for my review!

These bars come in two flavors: Chocolate Chip Granola and Yogurt Fruit & Nut.

For those of you out of the loop, probiotics are a great way to help improve digestive health and boost your immune system.  They help your body maintain a balance of between the beneficial and the harmful bacteria found in your digestive tract.

Pop Culture Probiotics uses the Ganeden30BC product, which is all natural, and conveniently requires no refrigeration,  as their effective probiotic supply in each bar.  These bars actually contain 10X more Live Cultures than yogurt! 

The Yogurt Fruit & Nut bars contain just 90 calories and 4g of protein and uses cranberries, flax seeds, and almonds to creat a tasty and wholesome ingredients list.  It’s like trail mix in a bar! 

Chocolate Chip Granola Bar

Both bars were very good!  The Yogurt Fruit & Nut bar boasted puffed brown rice crisps as its base while the Chocolate Chip used granola for its.  I prefered the chewiness of the granola over the crunch of the crisp, but they were both sweetly satisfying. 

I actually popped the chocolate one in the microwave to melt the chips a tad before I ate it and I highly reccomend this method!  It was melt-in-your-mouth, good.  The Chocolate Chip Granola had just 110 calories and 6g of protein! 

Because they don’t need to be refrigerated the way most probiotics do, they are convenient for on-the-go fueling snacks.  Thanks again, Jack!  They were a hit!


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  2. Carlos eduardo Pinzon

    quisiera saber donde en Colombia podria encontrar un distribuidor de sus enzimas o provioticos para cereales en barra, agradesco su pronta informacion.


    Carlos Pinzon


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