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Strawberry-Banana & Raspberry Chobani!

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Thanks to Shari, my pal from Chobani, I got to try out the two brand new flavors of their protein packed yogurt!  As if they couldn’t get any better, Chobani greek yogurt has created a NonFat Raspberry flavor and a LowFat Strawberry Banana flavor to add to the Chobani family!

Joyous! 🙂

 When I saw that they had arrived I had a hard time not ripping them open and devouring them on the spot.  I carefully set them in my refrigerator for a time when mindless eating wasn’t in the picture.  It was seriously like Christmas 🙂

I really wanted to wait until I could try Evan’s idea and get my hands on some Q. Bel to create a dark chocolate raspberry treat, but I wasn’t that patient:

Evan=foodie genius.

I did, however stash the Raspberry in the freezer, which made an AWESOME ice cream! 

It’s got the same great stats as the original NonFat Chobanis.

This flavor was my favorite of the two.  It reminded me of summer with the fresh taste of ripe, sweet raspberries combined with the thick, creamy yogurt.  It’s officially in my top two Chobani flavors.  I’m still up in the air whether it beats out Pineapple or not 😉

Don’t get me wrong, the Strawberry Banana flavor was excellent too!  (I have yet to come across a Chobani flavor I didn’t like), but I was hoping for a stronger banana taste in this one.

The creaminess factor was still there, and the flavor was good!  I’m just a banana nut, so a bolder taste of the banana than strawberry would’ve been preferred.  They are a dynamic duo, that strawberry & banana!

Here are the stats:

Maybe Chobani should create a Banana flavor in itself!  I think it’d be a total winner!;)


Thanks again, Shari for hooking me up!


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  1. Thanks for the compliment 🙂 I’ve actually never tried freezing my yogurt before! I’ll need to give that a shot

  2. it looks delicious! (send me a cargo of it jejejeje)
    when I was a child I used to try “kefir” it’s delicious and natural, with a little acid flavor.
    take a look of this:

    have a nice day!

  3. Love frozen yogurt!

    Ive recently started with Kefir as well
    Got my kefir from

    Loving it more and more everyday!


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