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Well, the good news is, I’m alive! 🙂

And with that, I give you the verse of the day:

“So put on God’s armor now…you will be able to resist the enemy’s attacks; and…you will still hold your ground.” ~Ephesians 6:13

Last night was a bit rough and is a little hazy at this point.  Everything was pretty normal last night.  I got home from work, changed clothing into sweats for working out, chomped on a Jonagold,


burned a good 500 calories on the stationary while catching up on the One Tree Hill episode I missed to watch the Bachelor on Monday,

Julian & Brooke

got a shower and made some dinner.

Broccoli slaw, marinara sauce, and chickpeas.

Whole Wheat Light English Muffin with Cinnamon & Splenda

Everything was going along according to plan.  I was going to pick up my friend, Rachael to go to the girl’s basketball game that my Dad was coaching last night, so I headed out.  On the way, there was a car spun out in the middle of the road, probably due to the fact that it was snowing (slightly).  I saw the car and slowed down to go around him, but lost traction while trying to turn back into my lane and did a complete 360 into the wall alongside the road, which was there to prevent falling rock.  I could feel my car was completely out of control, so I did the best I could to slow it down and brace myself for the hit.  My Dad thinks the car is totaled, but I was okay {photos to come}

Vanilla Protein Shake

After the accident, I arrived back home and couldn’t think of anything to calm my nerves better than a vanilla protein shake.  Thanks Jay, you’re always there for me 😉

With a nice dosage of fruit:

Sliced Nanner

Ahhh comfort foods

I also got to prep my lunch and breakfast for today last night:

Lunch = Chickpeas, broccoli, greens, snap peas, tomatoes.



Strawberry Jay Robb + Chocolate Amazing Grass + 1/2 C. Fiber One

Hope you all have a great Wednesday! Start your day off right and check out Kristen’s giveaway at Iowa Girl Eats for some Chobani yogurt!

Mine will be spent car hunting and on the phone with the insurance company!  Haha.  Anyone looking to sell a gently used, low mileage, good mpg car, please contact me! 🙂


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