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Perky Jerky!

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Huge thank you to Giselle from Perky Jerky for sending me some of this tender, flavorful beef jerky for my review! 
Nutritionally speaking, Perky Jerky is a protein powerhouse!  Packing 11g of protein into a 90 calorie, 1 0z. serving with just 2g of fat (.5g saturated)! 
What’s so cool about Perky Jerky?  Well, in each 2 ounce bag of this moist, chewy meat, comprised of 100% beef, there are about  150 milligrams of caffeine, which can give you a quick energy burst to fuel a quick workout or keep you awake as a convenient snack at work!
The ingivorating sensation from Perky Jerky is derived from Guarana, a climbing plant in the maple family.  The high concentration of caffeine is a defensive toxin that repels pathogens from the berry and its seeds contain about twice the caffeine found in coffee beans!
This treat is much more nutritional than downing a sugar laden energy drink for a quick jolt.  Check them out online, where you can also order Perky Jerky for yourself!  There’s also a store locator so you can see where you can pick some up near you! 

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