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Eden Organic

A big thank you to Lisa from Eden Organics for sending me some great products from their line of foods to review!

One of my favorites that she sent were the Toasted Nori Krinkles:

Toasted Nori Krinkles

I never realized how nutritionally dense these sea vegetables are!  They’re VERY low in calories (only 10 cals in 1/2 cup!) and one serving gives you 392mg of Omega-3, 76mg of Omega-6, 90mg of potassium, 1g of fiber, and 10% of your daily Vitamin C!  The Nori Krinkles were yummy right out of the bag as snack food!  They were crunchy like kale chips, and kind of reminded me of them taste wise too!  They can also be used to create Miso soup in place of wakame!  I loved the natural saltiness.  They were better than munching on potato chips! 

Black Bean & Quinoa

Another product that I was infatuated with by Eden Organics, was the Black Bean & Quinoa Chili that Lisa sent.  This flavorful blend of organic shitake mushrooms, organic black beans, organic whole grain quinoa, in an organic spiced tomato sauce was so completely savory, I could’ve easily eaten the whole can at once.  It was pretty calorie dense though, at 190 calories per 1 cup serving.  I’m very pleased to report that just 1 cup supplies 1.5g of fat (0g saturated),  520mg of potassium, 6g of fiber, and 10 whopping grams of protein! 

 It was perfect for a quick meal when I didn’t have much time to prep, but it tasted homemade and kept me full for hours!   Eden Organics was told by the can maker, Ball Corporation, tells us that Eden is the only U.S. food maker to date to use these BPA free cans, which they’ve been doing since April 1999!  This stuff would be EXCELLENT over some organic tortilla chips 😉  I’d really love to try the Pinto Bean & Spelt Chili or the Kidney Bean & Kamut Chili now!

Pinto Beans

Ya know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this company is soley responsible for my bean addiction lately!  I’ve been obsessed with them since I was sent this package! 🙂  The Pinto Beans were another winner in my eyes.  I used them straight from the can, heated with a little Sugar Free Syrup to make “mock baked beans”.  Ya know, the fattening kind with brown sugar, butter, and bacon in?  Let me tell ya, I could’ve sworn that’s what I was eating with the syrup mixed in…only it was MUCH healthier for me!
Check out the stats!:
A great source of fiber and protein!
I found it really interesting that they use kombu sea vegetable when cooking them!  You can’t taste it in the flavor, but its natural glutamic acid softens and enhances the flavor of beans.  Another thing that I thought was pretty awesome is that all of the water that cooks the beans is purified at Eden Organics!  
Make sure you check out the recipe section of their website too! There are some amazing concoctions on there!  You can even order your favorite products online!
Check out that awesome texture!!

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  1. I have to say those are some great reviews! I also love the Black Bean and Quinoa Chili. I think I’ll have it for lunch since it is cold and snowing out. Add a little soy cheese and tofu sour cream? The nice thing about these ready to eat products is they can be used in other dishes too! Burritos, soups, salads, stuffed vegetables . . . the only limitation is the imagination.

  2. Freckled Foodie!

    Love your article on Eden Organics products~ I represent Kamut International and we hope you get a chance to try the Kidney Bean and KAMUT Chili. KAMUT has massive amounts of protein and tastes great. Let us know what you think! You can find us at





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