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Willy Wonka.

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Friday night, was SUCH a blast.  I got home from work, changed into my biking attire (sweats), and got to work on the stationary.  My sister had a basketball game at 7:00PM, so I biked from about 4:30 til 6:30PM.  I facebooked and car hunted to keep myself occupied on the bike.  Plus, when I arrived home, I had received the latest edition of InStyle in the mail, so that entertained me for awhile too. 

Anne Hathaway Is Our March Cover Girl

It featured Anne Hathaway, who I adore as an actress!  She’s so real.   I love that about her!  She said in the book that she values authenticity much more than perfection, which is totally admirable from the lips of a Hollywood star.

Dinner was broccoli lasagna, as I like to call it 🙂

Ugly picture, savory taste!

 I swear this combo of broccoli slaw + light Ragu + ff cottage cheese is just like an italian sweet lasagna.  You have to try it 🙂

I also had a lil bit of this:

Forty Spices Tribe Hummus.


Clementine, dill pickle, baby carrots, yellow pepper, & string cheese.

 After the game was when the real fun began.  My Mom, Aunt, cousin (best friend), and I go to a Women of Faith Conference every year in September.  The cost of the conference plus food/lodging/transportation can get pretty expensive, so the church that we go with, Grace United Methodist, provides opportunities for fundraisers throughout the year so that the expense isn’t totally out of pocket.  It is SUCH an amazing event, I wouldn’t miss it for the world. 

Peanut Butter Egg Making.

Anyway, one of the fundraisers are the classic “eggs” that we sell at Easter time.  They come in peanut butter with dark or milk chocolate, double coconut in dark or milk chocolate, and coconut cream in dark or milk chocolate.


The Egg Maker.

I seriously felt as if we were in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.  This egg making machine was so neat to watch!

Best friends in hairnets.

 We had such a blast!  Each person had assigned tasks.   My bestie and I were the “baggers”.  We put each egg in a little plastic baggie when they were done going through the chocolate coating machine.   It was a goofy night, but I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my Friday night any other way!

Chocolate coating machine.

I just kept thinking how cool it would be to run strawberries through the machine! 🙂  Everyone kept joking that we should drop a few “by accident” so that we could eat them. 

These eggs got stuck together !

Turns out, I did drop one!  It fell out of the bag in transition to the “sealing” station and everyone shared it.  Except me.  Those things are very rich and heavy and not worth the calorie/fat content to me. 

Momma Freckled Foodie.

Don’t worry, I had some chocolate covered peanut butter too!  The healthy kind 😉

 When we got home, I had a sweet dessert before hitting the pillow as a reward for all my egg making and biking that night.

Chocolate Vitatop & Better N' Peanut Butter.


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  1. I’ve never been to one of the Women of Faith conferences. I bet it would be amazing though! How cool to have fundraisers to help you guys go. 🙂

    • Tina-

      You should check into it! It helps you grow so much as a Christian Woman, and it’s so neat just to be in fellowship with so many great ladies! The speakers are SO inspirational. I LOVE Anita Renfroe, she’s my favorite!

      Hope you have a great week!


  2. that looks like so much fun! i would LOVE to do that sometime!

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  4. That egg machine looks so cool!


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