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Belated Valentine’s.

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As you know, I don’t blog on weekends, however this means I get to re-live Valentine’s Day with ya’ll 🙂  This post is my Sunday recap. 

I woke up a little before 7AM so I could get a good hour in on the bike before I had to get ready to go to Sunday School at 9AM.  

I grabbed for something quick that would leave me maximum sleep time. So, and english muffin with laughing cow was my breakfast of champions Sunday.

Smart Start Light Whole Wheat With Fiber.

Biking was kind of boring and I spent most of my time car searching, knowing my Dad and I were going shopping for one the next day.  Afterward, I showered and had a Jonagold the size of my face:


Before we left for Sunday School, my parents gave my sister and I our Valentine’s 🙂  Every year, since I can remember, my Daddy has bought us each a rose on Valentine’s Day because he always thought we deserved flowers.  I feel so blessed to have the kind of Dad that I do.  He’s the most hardworking, supportive, caring person that I know.  My Mom & Dad also gave me a sweet card, and since they know I don’t eat candy, Sugar Free Strawberry Jello

🙂 This beats SUGARY candy anyday!


Thanks, Momma & Daddy.

Sunday School again, was awesome.  I’m learning SO much about self-worth and acceptace through the book we’re studying.   My best friend was in town so church felt like the good old days 🙂   Afterward, I had choir practice until about 12:30PM.

I made myself some lunch:

Veggie burger with laughing cow & spinach on a light whole wheat english muffin.


V8 Broccoli Soup.

Yummm.  A comforting, warm lunch.

Then it was time for my cousin Tori’s birthday party.  I realized I would end up being there until it was time for my Valentine’s date, so I got ready.

Around 5 o’clock, I left the party and went to meet Ry.

He was really sweet and gave me this as soon as I saw him 🙂

Thanks, Ry 🙂

We had a low-key, nice & quiet dinner at Atlanta Bread and he got us tickets to see “Valentine’s Day”.

I got the usual :

Side Salad with greens, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, and carrots with 1/2 a roasted turkey sandwich on rye sans mayo with onion, lettuce, & tomato.

and he ordered the chicken noodle soup in a bread bowl.

The movie was actually really cute.  I thought maybe it’d be a flop since it was like overloaded with stars, but it was exceptional 🙂

It was a fun date and a great Valentine’s Day.

Not to mention, I came home to another surprise!  MORE roses 🙂

Thanks, JD 🙂


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  1. It sounds like a great weekend. If you don’t mind me asking – where do you live? I noticed you said you ate at Atlanta Bread. I live in metro Atlanta and don’t know if they have ABC in other areas or not. I found it interesting.

  2. Sure! I live in the Harrisburg area. It’s in central, PA. :)I know they have a store locator you could check out on the website! :)

  3. so true… nothing beats jell-o 🙂


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