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President’s Day!

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It was SO nice to sleep in on a Monday morning for once!  Having Monday off always makes the week seem to fly by!  I was looking forward to a day out with Dad, car shopping!  But first things first. 

For breakfast, I grabbed a chocolate Vitatop slathered in Better N’ Peanut Butter.

Chocolate & PB = love.

After biking off about 400 calories, I knew I needed to refuel 🙂 [THE BEST PART OF A WORKOUT]

My weapon of choice?  Jay Robb could satisfy, so I went with a vanilla protein shake.

Creamy Vanilla Milk Protein Shake.

 I also did a little bit of ab work before I got a shower including some planks, sun salutations, and bicycles.

Then it was time for car shopping with Daddy-0!

First stop, Sutliff Cadillac/Hummer.

I saw this Mercury Montego online and loved it!  I was looking for something classy, with decent mpg, and AWD, but I didn’t want an SUV. 

2006 Mercury Montego Premier.

Isn’t it cute?

Not to mention,  it’s a full-sized car and fairly heavy (safe).  Unfortunately, the price was a little out of our range.  I truly loved it though.  Fully loaded with everything you could ask for.  We took it for a test drive and everything.   I just figured, it wasn’t meant to be!  Unfortunately there weren’t any other noteworthy cars found, in addition. 

We grabbed some Sheetz for lunch.  It was quick and convenient.   One of the better things I’ve gotten from sheetz, actually!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have  my camera, but it looked something like this, minus the olives + turkey 😉[source]

It was the Chef Salad on the MTO menu, but I asked for all turkey instead of ham, and without cheese or croutons.  I didn’t even need dressing!  The veggies flavored it perfectly.  Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, banana peppers, green peppers, and jalepenos with a little salt, pepper, and oregano.

From there, we did a few more drive throughs, but didn’t find much else.

I came home, cleaned a little bit, did some laundry and by that time, I was ready for dinner.  I made a nice little whole wheat wrap with cottage cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, and had some baby carrots on the side.

dinner is served.

Then, I had a serious craving for green beans about an hour later, so I ate a can.  Yes, a can 🙂

grean beans, baby.

I made another Fireman’s Apple Pie for serving to our guests at girl’s night and prepped everything to make it “Bachelor” watching friendly.   It ended up snowing, causing people to be too scared to come out in the weather so we just watched it ourselves, in the comfort of the basement & on the big screen.  It was just my Mom, my cousin, Renee, and I:) Still fun!

I had some pumpkin fluff for dessert while they enjoyed the apple pie with vanilla icecream.  They don’t know what they’re missin’!

Canned Pumpkin + Cool Whip Free

It had been the best Monday I’ve had for awhile! 


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