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The highlight of my Tuesday was mail! I was excited to find two very cute things waiting for me:


It was an adorable card from my good friend, Lyndsie!  She’s away at school right now doing great things, but we got together while she was home on break, and I’ve been missing her ever since!


She’s a frequent reader of the blog.  Lynds-  I wrote you back and the letter is on the way! 🙂 

There’s something about handwritten letters that have a personal touch that reaches so much further than an email or a phone call.  I love it!

Isn't he handsome? 🙂

Speaking of letters, I also got one from my friend, Dennis who is in the Army.  He’s allll the way in Texas right now but he sent me a picture and letter that I was totally ecstatic about!  We always have fun get togethers while he’s in the area.

the letter.

 I had a snack when I got home from work.


 A handful of Salsa Kooloos =NOM. {reviews soon!}


 And a perfectly ripe pear.



After about an hour and 1/2 on the stationary (the typical routine), burning 500ish calories, I decided to prep some dinner for consumption after my shower.

I was craving some chips, so I went with it.  Zucchini style 😉


I baked them on a non stick baking sheet for about 25 minutes at 400° after spraying them with some Pam and sprinkling them with salt n’ pepper.

They came out really yummy!

They really shrivel up when they bake, though!

Along with my zuke chips, I had an egg burrito.

Egg beaters, bell peppers, and greek yogurt.

To round out the meal, I made some apple crisp for dessert 🙂

Diced, microwaved apple chunks.

 Afterward, I watched some tv, folded some laundry, and did some dishes  after my shower until I was ready to doze off.


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  1. I love hand written letters. The personal touch is so special. My hubs gave me a hand written letter about his love for me right before he proposed and I love that I can still hold onto that moment through it.

  2. Glad our KooLoos provided a quick snack! Love the blog!

  3. You are too cute 🙂

  4. are those kooloos good? i’ve been dying to try them! and microwaved apples are my favorite – i really love them topped with caramel oikos, a little granola, and lots of cinnamon.. it tastes like apple crisp!

    • Kooloos are great! They have the PERFECT crunch and the flavors are soo savory. I’m going to be posting the review very soon, it’ll give you a better description then 🙂


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