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Paley Bars!

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From award-winning Chef, Vitaly Paley, I had the privelage of trying one of the BEST whole foods energy bars I’ve ever tasted.  Each one was incredibly textured with fantastic flavor and sustained energy!  The wholesome, organic ingredients are what sets his bars apart from the rest.  The taste is a direct reflection of the high quality ingredients used!

Jam & Peanuts

In three flavors, FruityNut Evolution, Liquid Sunshine, and my personal favorite, Jam N’ Peanuts, the Paley Bar ranks high up there with the Larabars and Clif Bars of the world.  I love that they use absolutely NO artificial ingredients!

Don’t believe me?  Check out the list for yourself!

Ingredients: Organic Dry Roasted Peanuts, Organic Raisins, Dried Strawberries (Sugar, Ascorbic Acid [Vitamin C], Canola Oil), Organic Honey, Organic Dates (Organic Dates, Organic Oat Flour), Organic Oat Bran, Sea Salt.


The Jam N’ Peanuts bar reminds me SO much of those tasty peanut butter and jelly sandwiches we had as kids!  Dried strawberries, organic peanuts, and honey! MmmM!

 My next favorite was the Liquid Sunshine bar!  I think what set this bar apart from the rest for me, was the kick of espresso in the mix!  It was like dark chocolate coffee heaven!  The plump organic raisins really complimented the touch of ginger infused in this bar as well! It was a nice sweet touch.


Each of the bars is packed with healthy fats, potassium, and some fiber + protein for that energy boost to fuel you through a workout!  The only thing I noted about the nutritionals was the sodium content being a little high.

FruityNut Evolution

Lastly, we’ve got the original Paley bar.  The first one created, FruityNut Evolution!  I liked this bar a lot too, in fact it was difficult to choose favorites.  This one was packed with dried sweetened cranberries, dried wild blueberries, almonds, hazelnuts, and dried figs.  Naturally, very sweet and had a nice thick texture. 


The potassium levels in these bars is awesome.  It’ll help your muscles from cramping up during a bike ride, run, or other workout!  It’ll even provide you with 8% of your DV Iron!

If you’re looking for an energy bar without the added artificial stuff, that’s made from whole foods and real nutrition, order yourself a box of these today from the website! They’ll arrive in just 4-5 days and you’ll be amazed at the flavor in each one!  Can’t decide on a flavor?  They’ve got a mixed box option just for you of 4 bars of each 3 flavors!


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