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Weekend Rewind! Friday

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Soo when I got home from work on Friday, I was a little lot bit giddy about picking up my car in the morning.  When I got home from work, I put together a peanut butter/banana sandwich to fuel my workout:


 along with this lovely guy:


 I happily trotted downstairs after changing out of my work attire, fueling up,  and slapping on some sweats & sneaks for a little bit of stationary bike action.  I facebooked and doddled around the internet for awhile.  I biked off about 600 calories.  

My Dad came down and let me know that they were going to Arooga’s for dinner and then to our friend, JD’s indoor soccer game which started at 9:40PM.  I had already kind of eaten, but figured I’d get a light salad or something.  I didn’t wanna miss out on some QT with th family.  Nights out together are few and far between with the craziness of everyone’s schedules, so I showered up and got ready to go.

Jay Robb Chocolate Shake

I knew protein options would be limited at a sports grille and figured I would drink some quick protein power, courtesy of Mr. Robb himself, before we left 🙂 

At the restaurant, I found the perfect option!

VEGGIE PLATTER: A healthy platter that includes cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, peppers and carrot sticks served with buttermilk ranch or lite ranch dressing. 6.99

I obviously did not use the Ranch that came with it…instead, I used salsa that came with the family’s appetizer (loaded nachos). 

The game was fun to watch, but our poor guys got schooled.  I think the final score was 19 to 4? 

It was almost hard to sleep when I got home even though it was around 12:15AM.  I was SO excited!


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