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Weekend Rewind – Saturday

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It was the big day!  It had to start with a BIG breakfast, right? 🙂

Jennifer from The Bread House was kind enough to send me a package of some of their delicious creations for review and I couldn’t wait to try them!  I busted open the Cranberry Walnut Energy Bars:

Official review to come.  Unofficially? I’d give my right arm for these treats.  HOLY cow were they yummy.  As if it couldn’t get anymore decadent, I decided to add this dynamic duo to the mix!

Chocolate Covered Strawberry, anyone?

Dark Chocolate Dreams by Peanut Butter & Co. with some Sugar Free Strawberry Nature’s Hollow Jam!  I cut a bar in 1/2 and slathered about a tbsp. of each on the halves. 

This picture doesn't do ANYTHING justice. I need to start using my Cannon Rebel for foodie shots.

To relax my mind, I started with my weekly 8:30 AM yoga class at our church.  It was seriously so hard to relax.  I was so antsy to get my car.  My Dad had a meeting from 8am-9am at the church also, so we figured we’d go whenever we both got home.  As excited as I was for my new car, I was nervous.  It is a huge decision, requiring lots of money to be put out. 

2006 Mercury Montego Premier

It came fully loaded with power everything, all wheel drive, a sun roof, 6 cd changer, heated leather seats, and only 24,000 miles 🙂  I am INLOVE.  To think that I actually second guessed myself on this decision is almost crazy.  I guess I’m just the kind of person who likes to be reassured that I’m making the right choice.  I had been praying and praying about it, and I’m so thankful that God provided me with the ability to make the purchase. It’s all thanks to HIM.

They were really good to me at the dealership, too.  When I got there, they had my baby all shined up and sitting in the SHOW room [which I got to drive it out of] with balloons attached! The men working there were so sweet!  They asked for pictures together with them in front of the car, too.

We didn’t get home until about 1:30PM (good thing I had a huge breakfast!) I was craving some veggies when we arrived. 



 Lunch consisted of some leftover veggies (plus some from my own stash) from Arooga’s the night before, with roasted red pepper hummus, and a slice of this awesome 14 grain bread from Rudi’s Organic Bakery topped with Lentil Curry from Bolani (review soon!) and a Diet Pepsi.

After lunch, I helped out my Mom by doing a bit of cleaning for her.  Wiping down our wooden cupboards in the kitchen, cleaning the refrigerator, and using lysol water on the appliances.  It was the least I could do for her!  After all, she does my taxes for free.




When the cleaning was finished, I went downstairs to get a nice biking sesh in.  I also did some ab work.  Burning about 600 calories makes a gal kinda hangry.  For my reward, I had some protein pudding + Chocolate Chip Crunchy Seed Cookie from The Bread House:

I almost forgot to photograph 🙂

Banana Nut Dessert Protein Pudding.

 I had plans to go to some friends’ of mine that night, but the family wanted to go to a late dinner together since my sister made a surprise trip home from college.  We decided on Wayne’s in Millersburg, since they’ve got some yummy food and because then I could just drive seperately and go straight to hang out with the friends straight from the restaurant, being that they live in the same town.

I ordered my typical side salad as an appetizer:

with vinaigrette on the side.

And an entree of steamed shrimp, steamed sugar snap peas, & steamed broccoli:

peel n' eat.

veggie power!

After the awesome meal, we hung out for awhile and went our seperate ways.  The family went home, and I went to Scott & Sarah’s 🙂  I had a blast.  My friend, Dusty (home from Afghanistan) and his wife, were there too!  I hadn’t gotten to see them in SO long.  It was a great time.  We went old school and played “Nintendo”!  YES, I know!  I couldn’t believe they had one either!  It was awesome.  Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, Tetris, and many other games were played 🙂

I slept like a baby when I got home around 1AM. 


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  1. 1. I love your car!
    2. I’m so jealous that you got to see the Steele’s! I was supposed to come up but we had Snowball at school that night, so it just didn’t happen. Sounds like you had fun though 🙂
    3. I got your letter. Love you!


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