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Thank you, thank you, thank you very much!

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Thank you MEGAN of Healthy On The Run SOOO much!  She was my secret Valentine and she really hooked me up!!  Also, a big thanks to Janetha from Meals & Moves for coordinating this awesome idea and setting it all up!

She is so sweet.  She knew I had been dying to try the Banana Bread & Carrot Cake Clif Bars so she sent some my way!

The goods 🙂

The Dark Chocolate Dreams is amazzzzzzing.  I’ve been eating it on bananas, apples, bread, etc. since I first opened it.  I can’t find any Peanut Butter & Co. products anywhere near me, so this was a real treat!  Also included, was a PB & J LARABAR!  Another one of my faves!

Odwalla Sweet & Salty Bar, Herbal Teas, PB & J Larabar, Mini Clif Bars, and Jamfrakas!

 Hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day! 


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