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Nicole from Rush Bowls really, really hooked me up!  Thank you so much.  I was dying to try them after seeing some brief appearances on KERF, where SIAB was made famous.  Rush Bowls are seriously some of the tastiest frozen treats I’ve ever consumed.  They’ve got a fun-loving philosophy, too:

And lemme tell you, they DO taste like sinful indulgences.  At the same time, you know that all the ingredients are completely wholesome and healthy because they don’t leave you feeling heavy or sluggish.  It’s quite the opposite effect, actually.  They’re energizing and give you a great energy boost! 

They contain all kinds of fruit, granola, and soy protein, but absolutely

They arrive and are stored frozen, but turn into culinary masterpieces when prepared.  I actually tried mine frozen as well, just to see what it would taste like and it was almost exactly like fro-yo or sherbert!

I got to try four of these amazing creations including the Acai Au Lait Bowl, the Acai Beach Bowl, the Power Bowl, and the Yoga Bowl

My number one bowl was definitely the YOGA bowl.  The flavors were so SPOT on and it combined, in my opinion, the most deeeeelish fruits there are out there.  To top it all off, green tea flavor!  MMMmmm. I don’t think it’s possible to have a better combination of goods.  With 330 calories, 6g of fiber, 4g of protein, 90% of your DV Vitamin A and 70% of your DV Vitamin C, I was pretty impressed to say the least. 

Second fave?  The BEACH bowl.  I’m a huge fan of banana flavor, and this really popped to me!  I think the mango and guava really complimented one another nicely as well! 

The best bowl, nutritionally, was probably the POWER bowl, that baby packed a mean protein punch with 18g!  Not to mention the 9g of fiber included!  The berry flavor was really yummy in this one and the granola added to the taste with the fantastic honey crunch!

They were so easy to prepare, too.  Just stick them in the microwave for a minute or two to thaw, stir in the honey granola, and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy breakfast for those mornings that you don’t feel like cooking! 

They’ve also got some other fabulous flavors available!  PEACH COBBLER, CARROT CAKE, JUNGLE BOOK, and HANNAH’S CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRY?! It’s killing me that these babies are made in Colorado…. 😦  If you’re lucky, you live by a Whole Foods and can pick some up there! 

Thanks again Nicole!  You guys are GREAT!


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