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Kam with Nature’s Hollow really hooked me up with some goods to review for the blog! Using an all natural sweetener called Xylitol (which is actually good for your teeth!),  Nature’s Hollow has created a nutritionally sound line of products, ideal for diabetic diets due to the low gycemic index with MUCH fewer calories than those products sweetened with sugar.  Not only that, these jams, syrups, and condiments are all gourmet quality and taste great!

The Nature's Hollow Family.


The jams consists of the following sugar-free flavors:  Apricot, Mountain Berry, Peach, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Wild Blueberry.  Each 2 tbsp. serving contains just 20 calories.  I got to try the Mountain Berry and Strawberry flavors which were both tasty.  The fresh fruit is perfectly balanced with the Xylitol in these jam blends, making them great additions to toast, oats, bagels, or marinades! 



I also loved the Sugar Free Honey that they sent!  It was thick, sweet, and  sticky, just the way it should be! You can use it just like you would regular honey, stirring it into teas, adding it to oatmeal, or mixing into yogurt!  I used it to create my favorite marinade for baked tofu and it came out delightful. 

It’s an easy recipe just combining soy sauce, honey, and chili powder all to taste!  You’ve gotta try it!  You can’t beat this stuff in the nutritional department! Just 19 calories per tbsp.!!



Next, we’ve got Sugar Free Ketchup!  Making simple swaps like these will help you in the long run to save a boat load of calories and protect your body from sugar crashes.  I actually like the taste of this Sugar Free Ketchup better than Heinz!  Use it just like you would regular ketchup!  It makes an excellent topping for butternut squash baked fries, steamed broccoli, or a Hebrew National 97% fat free hot dog!  Again, minimal calories for maximum taste!  With 14 calories per tbsp, you can use it on anything!

Maple Syrup.


Lastly, we’ve got some Sugar Free Maple Syrup.  The pancake lover in me couldn’t be more grateful for this stuff!  It was sooo buttery and smooth tasting that I never would’ve guessed it was sugar free.  It was a little “thinner” than typical syrup, but didn’t taste badly because of it.  It wasn’t my favorite product, but that’s just because the competition was pretty fierce 😉 In 1/4 cup, you’ll get 57 calories, which in comparison is pretty rockin’, considering Aunt Jemima’s Original is packin’ 210 calories in 1/4 cup! SOOO not worth it!

They’ve also got a line of salsas and barbeque sauces that you can check out on the website!  They’ve got a cool recipe page online and you can order directly from the site!

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  1. thanks for the info! always on the lookout for good SF stuff!


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