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I arrived home Friday night after work to an empty house.  My Dad left for a coaching clinic in Kutztown and my Mom & sister were at softball practice.  I decided to get the biking out of the way for the night and hopped on after getting changed.  I biked for about 2 hours while watching random online episodes of “Friends“.  For some reason, that never gets old 🙂  After showering up, my Mom took my sister to a party and she and I went to get Chinese food.   






The usual 🙂

There is something about this dish that I can’t seem to venture away from.  I bet it would be good with chicken too, but I was craving shrimp! 🙂   The steamed veggies included broccoli, bok choy, carrots, baby corn, and green pepperI love the sauce they give you to use with it too.  Oil/cornstarch free!  It’s basically water, soy sauce, chili powder, and scallions with a touch of garlic.  YUM.  I have recreated this at home 🙂   

We wanted to go see a movie but hadn’t done research on the showtimes, so we figured we’d just see whatever was playing to the closest time when we got to the theatre.  Unfortunately, we just missed all the starts for showtimes and would have to wait around for another hour or so to see ANYTHING.  We just went home and chilled out instead.  I may or may not have eaten a spoonful or two of this kryptonite peanut butter before bed.  


Mmmm Vanilla Cranberry...


I woke up kind of disappointed Saturday morning.  The wind was insaneeee, and Saturday mornings were the only real time I had to go running outside.  Flustered about the weather, I turned to a comfort food before our 7:15AM yoga class.   







Yes, I cheated.  This is the result of an instant oatmeal packet.  Giant brand, no less.  But it was mighty tasty.  Cinnamon apple style.  The mix consisted of 1 packet oats + 1 spoonful dark chocolate peanut butter + 1 drizzle sugar free honey + a splash of unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze. Sorry for the blurry picture.  I got excited and was too impatient to score a perfect one.  

Yoga was alright, nothing too strenuous.  Don’t worry, I made up for it afterward with a 6 mile run.  Here is me when I returned home:   







A little damp..

Not only was it windy, but the drizzly rain was WHIPPING me in the face.  Oh well, I felt good to have gotten to go at all!  No more complaining 🙂  

I decided on a protein shake to refuel.  After all, Saturdays were my ALL OR NOTHING workouts.   


I ❤ you, Bella.

Sooooo, I whipped up a little BSN Banana Nut Protein dessert with some more unsweetened chocolate Almond Breeze.  

Can you say chocolate covered banana milkshake???

After biking for awhile, I decided to try out the P90X cardio DVD.  I haven’t done this one yet, I usually stick to the AB RipperX, which I also did later Saturday.  

I breaked for lunch somewhere in the mix of all the working out for a bagel thin with Raspberry infused peanut butter spread, a baby apple, and some raw veggies.  The only thing I managed to remember to photograph was the apple.  SORRY!  

So cute!

I had a date Saturday night, so it was a little bit of a blurr the rest of the day.  I have no idea what I ate for dinner?  No documentation was to be found on my camera.  I can guarantee you I did eat, I just don’t remember what or when?  Haha.  All that exercise must’ve made me delirious.   

We met at the mall and hung out there for a little while, then we headed to a nearby theatre and saw “The Crazies“. 



It was sooo unbelievably creepy.  I seriously could NOT sleep when I got home.   


Did you all remember to “spring ahead”!?  I did! I even got up an EXTRA hour before church so I could get some biking & ab work in, leaving the rest of the day to relax.  For breakfast, I had some Banana Bread Nut cereal cookie. 


I have a feeling lots of people forgot about the time change because there were slim pickin’ s at church in the morning!  After church, I had choir practice until about 12:30PM.  I stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few staples for the week so I could pack lunches (lunchmeat, raw veggies, flat outs, & greek yogurt).  I was hungry for something warm and comforting when I got home and decided on homemade Vegetable Soup. 


Steamed veggies in a Bella cup.

Steamfresh veggies + soy sauce + minced garlic + minced onions.  Alllllll blended together and eaten warm. 

Allll the ingredients.

I’ll spare you the POST blending pictures, being that they highly resemble baby feces. 

Along side my soup, I had a Flat Out smeared with sweet cream cheese Sonoma Jacks Pepperjack cheese + Splenda.

On a classy yellow paper plate.

It hit the spot!  Today was all about relaxation, so after lunch, I vegged out with the rest of the family watching movies and enjoying each others’ company.  A few hours later, I had a protein snack.

Plain Oikos.


Stirred in with some of this stuff:

Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup.

This stuff has ZERO calories!  Crazy, huh?

We played Phase 10 and were lazy bums.  I was a little sore from the p90X stuff combined with the running & biking from Saturday, so it was a nice recovery day for me.

Dinner was munchies throughout the night.  Broccoli slaw with ketchup, raw tofu dipped in sugar free honey + soy sauce mix, some vanilla sugar free pudding, and a whole wheat bagel thin topped with sugar free strawberry jelly.  I also had a bag of Black Cherry sugar free JELLO bites from Sheetz that my buddy, JD brought me 🙂 Oh and a peach, too.  Sorry for the lack of pictures.  My camera was MIA.  I didn’t realize how SNACKY  I had been all night. 

Hope you all had great weekends!



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  1. Hello,nice post thanks for sharing?. I just joined and I am going to catch up by reading for a while. I hope I can join in soon.

  2. I GOT THE GOODS! sheesh, they were hiding in a pile. ❤


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