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Daily Archives: March 16, 2010

Clean Cravings!

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After two years of diligent research and development, Clean Cravings has achieved a level of pure, great-tasting products, founded by Shelley Malone who supports optimal health and wellness through CLEAN foods.  Each of these fantastic products are gluten, soy, dairy, & yeast free with ZERO trans fats and all-natural whole grains

Not only are these products nutritionally sound, but they’re also totally convenient!   They’ve got a long shelf life, due to their freezability, and can make providing a wholesome, healthy meal a snap for anyone! 

You’ve got two varieties of pizza to choose from: Perfectly Pesto & Very Veggie.  But they’ve also madeJust Crusts available for you to mix and match your own toppings at home, which come in Original and Rosemary flavors! 

Very Veggie.

The Very Veggie was my personal favorite, with a thin, delectable crust topped slathered with roasted red pepper sauce that had a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.  


Toppings included mushroom, broccoli, and the ultimate…yellow pepper!  As this pizza baked, my mouth was watering from the aroma it left in the air!  The nutrition facts are pretty great as well! 


Next up: Perfectly Pesto! 

Perfectly Pesto.

Boasting 26g of whole grains, this Perfectly Pesto pizza was delish as well!  The flavors were pinpointed at first taste.  The roasted garlic pesto was definitely the star of this product, but was complimented nicely with the crunch of pine nuts and the chewiness of the mushrooms.  You can even make these guys in a toaster oven! 

Check out the stats: 


I also had a lot of fun with the “Just Crusts“.  They forced me to bring about my creative side!  Of course, my concoctions were not nearly as beautiful and glamorous as that of the prior two pies. 

Just Crust Rosemary Minis

The Rosemary Minis were definitely my favorite.  The rosemary herbs engrained in the crust were subtle, but phenomenal.  I absolutely adored the size of them too!  I didn’t even have to do ANYTHING to these.  I just heated them up, sliced them into slices, and used them as pita dippers for hummus!  I saw a picture of this on the website and decided to re-enact it.  Pure and simple, they’re good. 


Pita Dippers!

Each of these crusts is only 160 calories and 1.5g of fat! LOVE them.  



 Thanks so much, Shelly for sharing your awesome CLEAN CRAVINGS with the Freckled Foodie readers.  You can shop for these products online and have them delivered right to your door step


Zenergize Drinks

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Thank you Brad, for sharing your Zenergize Drink products with me for review on the blog!  These cute little tablets come in eco-friendly tubes and provide a variety of different flavors for different functions.  Each 100% natural, sugar free, 2 calorie tablet comes in flavors including: Peach & Green Tea, Raspberry & Green Tea, Lemon & Lime, Orange, Citrus, Orange & Pomegranate, Acai & Pomegranate, Tropical Citrus, and Berry Blend.


Citrus & Orange + Pomegranate

Each Zenergize flavor serves a purpose.    With IMMUNITY, you can keep your system going strong with a whopping 1,500mg of Vitamin C, Echinacea and Zinc, plus 17 additional vitamins, minerals and herbs Orange + Pomegranate & Orange Citrus have got you covered in this department!


Berry Blend & Tropical Citrus

 In need of an ENERGY kick?  Try out the Berry Blend and Tropical Citrus tablets!  Powering up with B Vitamins, Caffeine, Antioxidants, and Ginseng, these two flavors will keep you alert, focused, and energized!  No sugar crash included! 


Lemon + Lime & Orange

How about a drink to maximize REHYDRATION after a tough workout?  Ditch the Gatorade bottle packed with calories and opt for a lighter, tastier bottle of water mixed with a Lemon + Lime or Orange Zenergize tablet!  Packed with electrolytes, magnesium, and potassium, it’ll fill your body up with all the nutrients you need to replenish your body after a nice sweat session.


Peach + Green Tea & Raspberry + Green Tea

Looking to BURN a few extra, pesky calories?  With the help of the Chromium and Caffeine in these two flavors, Peach + Green Tea & Raspberry + Green Tea, you can suppress your appetite and give yourself a mini weight loss boost!

Acai + Pomegranate

How about a MULTI-VITAMIN in drink form?  This blend of Acai + Pomegranate gets its natural power from Super Fruits, which provide the body with axtioxidants along with 20 vitamins, minerals, and herbs!  For balanced nutrition, use it everyday just as you would a mutli-vitamin.

You can buy these supplements from the website and have them delivered right to you! Thanks again, Brad!

Two Days Until Florida!

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“Therefore, as God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

– Colossians 3:12

Wow…I don’t know about you, but for me this is a serious reminder that we are supposed to be setting ourselves apart from the average person, reflecting Christ. Going above and beyond to help others, showing kindness, and being “like God” is what he orders us to do as His children.  This is percet fuel for though first thing in the morning, because hopefully it’ll stick in my head all day now, helping me to react to people and situations in a manner that will be pleasing to God! 🙂

I snacked on an apple when I got home from work last night.  I forgot how fun it was to slice it horizontally, causing the little star shapes to appear! 🙂  I remember doing that as a kid and though it was so neat.  


Biking was done immediately following my arrival home from work and snacktime.  After about an hour (300 calories )I took a break to eat dinner with my family.  My Dad made a meal that I was happy to eat!  It means a lot to me when he does that because I know he and the fam. would much rather be chowing down on some Paula Deen style dinner as opposed to the “nutritional minded” meal.  He does it so I can be included, and I really appreciate him.  Thanks Pops! 😉


Steamed broccoli, cauliflower, & carrots, grilled chicken breasts, and a microwavable sweet potato.

I ended up using some sugar free syrup on the sweet potato, and some sugar free honey to dip my grilled chicken in! YUM.  Oh, and the steamed veggies were salted & peppered.

After dinner, I packed my lunch for today:


I packed a rainbow bowl of vegetables including sliced tomato, yellow pepper, cucumber fries, baby carrots, and a few sugar snap peas.  For protein, I packed 2 servings (60 calories) of Egg Beaters + 1 tbsp. reduced sugar ketchup.

Not too visually appealing, but mighty tasty!

For some whole grains, and low fat dairy, I packed a Flat Out Light wrap (90 calories)with a Sonoma Jack’s Pepperjack Cheese wedge (25 calories) to make a sweet cream cheese roll at my desk 🙂

Wrap goods.

After packing the lunch, I went down to finish up some biking work & did a few Ab Ripper X moves.  After the workout, I showered up and it was time for girls’ night!  As you know, the Bachelor is officially over.  But, luckily, we are still getting together for girls’ nights!  Last night was at my cousins house and we watched the “behind the scenes” stuff with Melissa, Jason’s first choice before he went crawling back to Molly.  Melissa is SO adorable!  I’m glad she found happiness!  It was a fun night and my cousin had lots of yummy treats!  Sorry, they’re unpictured, but I had some fruit salad, a sugar free jello cup, and some mango salsa with baby carrots.

Tomorrow right after work I’m leaving for Florida!  Soooo excited!  Happy Tuesday! 🙂