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After two years of diligent research and development, Clean Cravings has achieved a level of pure, great-tasting products, founded by Shelley Malone who supports optimal health and wellness through CLEAN foods.  Each of these fantastic products are gluten, soy, dairy, & yeast free with ZERO trans fats and all-natural whole grains

Not only are these products nutritionally sound, but they’re also totally convenient!   They’ve got a long shelf life, due to their freezability, and can make providing a wholesome, healthy meal a snap for anyone! 

You’ve got two varieties of pizza to choose from: Perfectly Pesto & Very Veggie.  But they’ve also madeJust Crusts available for you to mix and match your own toppings at home, which come in Original and Rosemary flavors! 

Very Veggie.

The Very Veggie was my personal favorite, with a thin, delectable crust topped slathered with roasted red pepper sauce that had a perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors.  


Toppings included mushroom, broccoli, and the ultimate…yellow pepper!  As this pizza baked, my mouth was watering from the aroma it left in the air!  The nutrition facts are pretty great as well! 


Next up: Perfectly Pesto! 

Perfectly Pesto.

Boasting 26g of whole grains, this Perfectly Pesto pizza was delish as well!  The flavors were pinpointed at first taste.  The roasted garlic pesto was definitely the star of this product, but was complimented nicely with the crunch of pine nuts and the chewiness of the mushrooms.  You can even make these guys in a toaster oven! 

Check out the stats: 


I also had a lot of fun with the “Just Crusts“.  They forced me to bring about my creative side!  Of course, my concoctions were not nearly as beautiful and glamorous as that of the prior two pies. 

Just Crust Rosemary Minis

The Rosemary Minis were definitely my favorite.  The rosemary herbs engrained in the crust were subtle, but phenomenal.  I absolutely adored the size of them too!  I didn’t even have to do ANYTHING to these.  I just heated them up, sliced them into slices, and used them as pita dippers for hummus!  I saw a picture of this on the website and decided to re-enact it.  Pure and simple, they’re good. 


Pita Dippers!

Each of these crusts is only 160 calories and 1.5g of fat! LOVE them.  



 Thanks so much, Shelly for sharing your awesome CLEAN CRAVINGS with the Freckled Foodie readers.  You can shop for these products online and have them delivered right to your door step



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