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Florida Recap Part I!

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Wednesday after work, I got home around 4:30 PM and got finished up packing for the trip!  I knew resources would be limited for healthy eating, so I made sure I left prepared 🙂

Flat Out Light wraps with laughing cow cheese wedges & splenda, banana nut protein powder, fiber one (1c. servings), yellow pepper, and baby carrots!

We left for the 15 hour drive to Florida around 5:30PM, when my Mom and younger sister got home from softball practice.  None of us had eaten dinner yet, so we stopped at Sheetz for a quick meal!  I ordered a Chef salad with turkey, lettuce, tomato, green pepper, jalapenos, banana peppers, pickles, and onions with oregano from the MTO menu.

Sheetz Salad.

I also asked the nice lady for some extra veggies on the side and she hooked me up 😉

Tomatoes & green peppers!

I also snagged a bag of Sugar Free Jello Bites in Black Cherry Flavor!  These are so good.  A favorite of mine from Sheetz 🙂 

45 calories per bag!

Each serving is 15 calories and has 3g of protein, too!  How is that even possible?  Haha.  There are 3 servings per bag, so that’s an added 9g of protein to my meal!  In addition, I added some whole grains and low fat dairy to round out my Sheetz meal from my provisions stash 😉

Flat Out Light wrap with Sonoma Jack’s Pepperjack cheese wedge + Splenda.

This was made on my lap in the car.  Such class 😉

We drove for about 6 hours and stopped in Virginia somewhere, so my Dad could get a little bit of sleep at a hotel.  I was really groggy at this point, so I don’t remember much, but I do remember that at 5am we were up and at ’em again!  The hotel did have a continental breakfast that I scanned while my Dad was checking out.  I wasn’t hungry yet, but I didn’t know when we would be stopping so I took some fruit for the road (a banana & apple), a danish for my Mom, a bagel for my sister, and two sugar free syrups that I thought might come in handy 😉

15 calories per tub.

We drove for about 2 more hours until 7:30ish, when we stopped for breakfast.  The family went to McD’s, but they dropped me off at Food Lion right next door before they hit the drive-thru so I could get something to eat!  It was perfectly convenient.

Sugar Free Jello Cups.

There were actually some really great finds here!  Including the above pictured, SF Jello Cups, some light high fiber english muffins, some Fage greek yogurt, a Carrot Cake Clif Bar, raw veggies, and cantaloupe.  We had a cooler in the back that I kept the refrigerated stuff in.

I used the Fage & SF syrup for my breakfast that morning:

Breakfast (note the Mickey D’s bag in the background, ha)

Then I added some Fiber One topping 🙂


So tasty.  It reminded me of French Toast flavors!

Not much excitement the rest of the way down to Florida!  We stopped again around 12:30 for lunch at Wendy’s.


I ordered 2 side salads, a chicken breast, and onion on the side.  I added my own raw bell pepper medley to beef veg up the salad.

Chicken & onion.

I used my english muffins to make a chicken sandwich to eat with my salad.

Chicken sandwich.

When we arrived in Florida, we visited my sister at her “team house”, which wasn’t far from our hotel. 

Ready for dinner!

After visiting with her for awhile, we checked into our hotel, unpacked, and met back up with my sister and her team at “City Walk” in Universal Studios for dinner at Margaritaville!  Jimmy Buffet style dinner was so much fun!

I got the peel n’ eat shrimp:

and a side salad for my meal.  Neither of which were too impressive, but I wasn’t that hungry since the trip down was so sedentary.

The entertainment was pretty great though!  There was a guy who played his guitar and sang throughout the entire meal.  It was a fun experience.  We spent the rest of the night moseying around City Walk checking out shops and sight seeing.  More photos to come!


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  1. welcome home! you are so cute!

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