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Many thanks to Lauren from The Vermont County Store for sending me a few goodies to sample and review for you lucky readers!

The store began in 1945 by the Orton Family, and has expanded greatly based on family principals, providing buyers with practical, yet hard to find, one-of-a-kind items.  They carry apparel, food & candy, apothecary, and toys.  Naturally, this is a nutritional blog, so the items I got to review were food!

Lauren sent me some Carribean Conch Chowder, Carrot Ginger Soup, Squash with Vidalia Onions, Manhattan Clam Chowder, and some Vermont Raw Honey for the review!

Squash with Vidalia Onion.


My favorite product was definitely the Squash with Vidalia Onions.  It came came, canned, and contained a medley of yellow summer squash packed with sweet vidalia onions.  I practically ate these straight from the can, they were that good.  The flavor is out of this world.  Microwaved, the taste is really enhanced with the warmth!

The stats were really good too! I definitely ate the entire can as a veggie addition to my meal, for only about 115 calories.  They’re even fairly low in sodium for a canned food!

Carribean Conch Chowder.


The second tastiest product that I tried, was the Carribean Conch Chowder.  This stuff is unbelievable.  Made with REAL Tortuga Rum, it blends together a tomato-based broth, conch meat, onions, spices, and potatoes for a combination that you won’t soon forget.  I loved the hint of sweet red bell peppers that I could taste in this soup as well!

In one 1/2 C. serving, you’ll get just 120 calories, 9g of protein, 2g of fiber and 2.5g of fat ( 0.5g saturated). Pretty good stats if you ask me!


Carrot Ginger Soup.


For some reason, I wasn’t really a fan of this Carrot Ginger Soup.  It’s got all the right, winning ingredients (ginger, carrots, leeks)…in fact it’s actually created by an award-winning chef!  I think the problem was, I absolutely love carrots.  Steamed, raw, roasted, whatever.  They’re sweet and I like that factor alot.  This soup kind of took away from their sweetness?  I thought for sure the ginger would enhance it, but it left me a bit disappointed. 

The nutritional facts are fantastic!  You can have the entire can for just 100 calories!  Not to mention, 80% of your DV Vitamin C!  But the nutritionals and the smoothy, creamy texture were the only two positive things I had to say about this one.  I disliked the tangy taste.

Manhattan Clam Chowder.


Manhattan Clam Chowder…Mmhmmmm goood.  I was a little bit reluctant to try this stuff, because I’ve known clam chowders to have a creamy, thick, white base, which doesn’t appeal to me at all.  This stuff was light and flavorful with a nice blend of fresh veggies like vine-ripened tomatoes, celery, carrots, onions, and bell peppers in a tomatoey light broth with chunks of yummy sea clams!  It doesn’t even contain artificial colors or preservatives!

 At just 100 calories per 1/2C . serving, you’ll get 8g of filling protein and 15% of your DV Vitamins A&C! YUM.  It makes for a quick, comforting addition to your meal with restaurant quality!

Raw Honey.

Last but not least, we’ve got the Raw Honey.  This stuff is naturally rich in enzymes, aiding in digestion, as well as vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that will keep your body healthy and boosting your immunity!  Packed with Vitamin B, iron, and zinc, it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant!  Who knew that honey lost a bunch of nutrients when heated?! I sure didn’t!

You can find all these products and MORE at their website, where you can also order online! Check it out!


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