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To walk or to run…that is the question.

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So, I got home from work yesterday and did a bit of snacking for some walkin’ fuel (1/2 Glo Bar, 1 Weight Watchers string cheese, & 1/2 peach).

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I was determined to just go for a leasurely 5 mile walk as opposed to running.  I started out doing well, but eventually I got bored and started running anyway

When I got home, I did a little time on the stationary bike burning 250 calories.  Then I did some ab rippper moves before dinner. 


This is exactly what I was craving!  1/2 C. warmed fat free refried beans + plain greek yogurt + salsa + red pepper over a bed of baby spinach. YUM!

whites w/ salt & pepper.

I also added some egg whites to the salad to amp up the protein 😉

Greek yogurt + sf syrup.

I finished off the little container of greek yogurt with a sweet touch and also had some red beets on the side!

Then, I packed my lunch for today consisting of some more refried beans topped with SF syrup, a light flat out wrap, some sonoma jack’s for the wrap, and a big tub of veggies!

the spread.

Then, it was time for girls’ night!  Since The Bachelor is over, we decided to turn on Dancing with the Stars and play Apples to Apples.  It was a fun night!  There was a huge spread of goodies for dessert and I shared my GloBars with some of the ladies which were a hit!

I had a chocolate mint protein shake & a plate of fruit as my dessert:

Strawberries, orange slices, & pineapple.

Tastes like mint chocolate chip ice cream!

I also made a 100 calorie bag of kettle corn to share with the gals.

Pop Secret 100 Calorie Kettle Corn.

Unfortunately, most of it burned, so it wasn’t consumed, but that’s okay.  I was stuffed by then anyway!

Happy Tuesday Bloggies! We’re almost half way 😉


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  1. holy balls! i just read a grip of product reviews from you, busy girl! i need to get some glo bars in my life. refried BEANS and SYRUP? ok, i am all about trying new things, but this one is just crazy. maybe so crazy i should try it…

    • Haha. I know!!! Things have been CRAZY busy. I’ll send you a GloBar in the mail tomorrow 🙂

      I know! Seriously, the beans & syrup was awesome. I’m not even kidding. I dipped my cucumber fries in it . UHmazing. Well, I liked it anyway. Sweet & savory bean diP! 😀


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