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Columbus Salame!

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Thanks so much to Jessica for sharing some Columbus Salame with me for the review!  This stuff is out of this world the BEST deli turkey EVER. I’m pretty sure Janetha B. would agree with me 😉

Herb Turkey Breast

This stuff has great flavor!  I personally have tried to steer clear of deli meats due to their ridiculous sodium counts.  I felt like I was inhaling salt with many other sliced options that I’ve tried, but not with this stuff!  The slow roasted, spiced, and herbed flavors are excellent and can be a fantastic protein source for your diet!  It makes perfect sandwich filling, salad topping, snacking material, and veggie wrapping!

The five-hour smoking process that the company uses is totally prevalent in the taste of the turkey.  In 2 oz. of the reduced sodium turkey breast you’ll get 70 calories, 1g fat, 13g protein, and just 7% of your DV sodium.

There are five different types of turkey products to choose from including Herb Turkey Breast, Reduced Sodium Herb Turkey Breast, Peppered Turkey Breast, Roasted Turkey (thin sliced), and Smoked Maple Turkey Breast.  I would’ve LOVED to try the last variety!  The Columbus Salame Company doesn’t stop there!  They’ve got a boatload of other meat products too, like salame, beef, chicken, ham & dry cured!

You can find these yummy slices at the nearest Costco! I don’t think I’ll ever go back to the old Oscar Meyer brand!


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  2. I know.. their turkey is like CRACK.. so good!! nom nom nom

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