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Thanks so much to Jaime and Galaxy Granola for sending me three of the different granola flavors to try!  I received the Not Sweet Vanilla, Vanilla Almond, and Raspberry varieties in the mail and tried a handful of each when I first got them, to illustrate my excitement!  I can see now why the blog world loves this stuff! 

With 70% less fat than competitors’ granolas, Galaxy Granola bakes their whole grain products in FRUIT (apples, specifically), and not oil!  When I got the box in the mail, it was so neat that the box read “this package contains 6 apples“.  Thank GOD this stuff is guilt-free, because I could not keep my hand out of the bag!  Each of the flavors are SO addicting!  Not to mention, there is absolutely NOTHING artificial!  No corn syrup, oil, or processed sugar!!

Vanilla Almond

The Vanilla Almond was probably my favorite.  Containing whole rolled oats, apples, barley flakes, spelt flakes, wildflower honey, and WHOLE almonds, this stuff hit it outta the park in the flavor department.  Perfectly sweetened, but not artificial.  It makes a great crunchy addition to greek yogurt! 

Check out these stats!

It’s even got 4g of protein & 4g of fiber!

Next up on the favorites list was the Raspberry.


I was delighted to find that this granola not only was infused with delicious sun-ripened raspberry taste, but it was laced with whole freeze dried raspberries!  It made for quite a nice surprise!  The tart raspberries really complimented the sweetness of the granola in this one.

The stats for this flavor were even better! 

Just 115 calories and 1.4g fat?!  I’ll take that ANY day for granola!

Lastly, we’ve got the Not Sweet Vanilla.

Not Sweet Vanilla

This was, by no means bad tasting, it just wasn’t as exciting as the other two with ingredients like fruit & almonds mixed in.  The only real difference was the sweetening agent.  While the other two varieties used evaporated cane juice & wild flower honey, this granola was sweetened with organic agave nectar.  It was still plenty sweet, though and tasted delish!  If you’re not quite a sweets person, this flavor is for you! Personally, I added banana to get a little sugary bit of taste in there 😉

I especially liked the crunch of the crisp rice in addition to the oaty texture!  Usually, I can’t eat a whole bowl of granola with milk as a breakfast because of the outrageously high caloric count, but with this stuff, I could enjoy it all by itself!  It didn’t get soggy in the milk either!  The textures really held up well in my bowls.  I actually prefer a few more clusters of the granola in my mixes too, but it was tasty regardless! 

Thanks, Jaime!


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