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Oxygenfit Review & Giveaway!

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Saturday morning after hitting the gym for my cardio workout on the elliptical for an hour, I came home to try out the new Oxygenfit system that the company sent me to review! 

I got to try the entire Tone Up Kit!

Tone Up Kit.

Each Tone Up Kit comes with:

  • Toning loop
  • Toner
  • Door Anchor
  • Motivational DVD
  • Training Poster Downloads
  • Gym Technik Mobile Application

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of free weights at the gym.  The gargantuan men that pump iron all the time make me nervous and I never have a spotter to help me use them on my own.  I would much rather use a low impact system that I’m comfortable with to help me tone and define feminine muscles, which is what I’ve found through Oxygenfit. 

Designed for an on-the-go lifestyle, the Tone-Up Kit would be perfect for those who travel frequently.  The tools are small and would be easy to pack for a trip anywhere!  The creative exercises that the company has come up with keep you from boredom and completely work your body to sculpt LEAN muscle, which is the common goal, right?! 


The toner is so versatile.  You can use it for arms, legs, shoulders, back, etc!  It surpasses traditional toning bands and is WAY more efficient than free weights.  They actually come in five different weight varietiesVery light – 7 lbs (Pearl), Light – 12 lbs (Blush), Medium – 19 lbs (Sky), Heavy – 26 lbs (Silver), and Very Heavy – 33 lbs (Black).  I liked how these bands weren’t subject to breaking.  I used to use a toning system by Windsor Pilates, but the bands broke SO easily and were hard to grab ahold of.  These toning bands are made for comfort, complete with handgrips! 

fabric sleeve.

I also love that there is a fabric sleeve over the actual resistance band for extra safety and avoiding chafing of the skin! 


I loved the DVD tutorials, too.  They were very easy to follow and left no room for “guessing”.  It was helpful for me to be able to visualize the proper use of each tool through this system. 

I also got to try out the Fit Stick!

Fit Stick
Fit Stick

The Fit Stik Body Sculpting System comes complete with:

  • Fit Stik
  • Choose from five Resistance levels
  • Door Anchor Attachment
  • Motivational Workout DVD
  • Fitness Lifestyle Download
  • Training Poster Download
  • Gym Technik Mobile Application

Being that I was so excited to try this stuff out, I disregarded the instructional DVD for this product right away, thinking I’d be able to figure it out on my own.  It would’ve been SOO much easier had I just popped the DVD in though!  I made it way more complicated than it had to be.  This is a neat tool to enhance the sculpting power of the resistance bands.  Basically, it just adds to the variety of the exercise moves of the bands.  All you have to do is this:

Easy peasy 😉

Next up is my absolute FAVORITE product that the company sent.  It’s called the “Toning Loop“.

Loopy for these things!

These little guys are used for durability and performance in each of your workouts.  They help to warm up both your upper & lower body with their powerful little curves 😉  It’s even got a built-in stretch limitation for increased product life!  Available in three levels of resistance, these were effective and comfortable to use too.

The Body Ball is another product that I tried from OxygenFit.

Body Ball.


This is probably the most versatile of all the products that Oxygenfit supplies.  Check out allll  the different moves you can work in with this tool!:

Not only that, it comes in cute colors, too!  Hey, what can I say?! I’m a visual person.  Mine is white, but it’s got a pearly shine to it!  Each different color, pearl [white], blush [pink], and sky [blue], comes in one of two sizes:  55cm or 65cm.   The unique, supple surface of the Oxygenfit Body-Ball was designed from an exclusive blend of materials for superior comfort and texture.

I know you’re dying to try these sweet workout tools, so Oxygenfit has been SO generous as to host a giveaway for one lucky reader to win the ENTIRE tone-up system! 

There are 3 ways to enter:

  1. Visit the Oxygenfit website and leave a comment telling me which Oxygenfit product you can’t wait to try.
  2. Link back to this post on your blog and leave me another comment telling me you’ve done so.
  3. Tweet/Facebook about this contest and leave one last comment telling me you have! 

Good luck!  A winner will be chose at 3PM on Monday, April 19!


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  1. id love the kit youre giving away or the ultimate kit.
    now that i am training for fitness/bikini competitions, this is PERFECT for me….OMG what a great give away!!!

  2. tweeted and i am sorry that i am lame and dont know how to leave a link

  3. I’d love to try the ultimate kit elite. go hard or go home, right?

  4. This kit has it all. I would love to try this for a change in my workouts!

  5. I would like to try the body ball and the toners!

  6. dude, i’ve been wanting resistance thingies forever…they have so many different levels too!! im impressed, i had never heard of oxygenfit before. definitely wanna win this one!

  7. just tweeted!

  8. This kit would be great to try or the ultimate kit! What a great giveaway!

  9. Just tweeted about your giveaway!

  10. The Elite kit! WOW! great giveaway!

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  12. the toning loops look great – i really don’t have anything like that at home. what a great giveaway!

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  14. We would want to try the toners for sure!

  15. Hard to pick, but I will go with the Elite Kit. Would be great to have for traveling this summer.

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