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Sista FF Turns 19!

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Yesterday, I celebrated the 19th year since my middle sister, MYranda’s birth.  It all started out with this quick and easy breakfast.

Strawberry Oikos.


Flat Out Light w/ Sonoma Jack’s & Splenda.

Then we left for Sunday School at 9am and then Church at 10am.  My new goal after listening to a class about selfishness, is to have the heart of a servant.  I got to thinking for example, when we consider going out to eat, I ALWAYS make sure to get my opinion in on where we go because of my picky habits, but I should be more concerned with the needs and wants of others.  My job in life isn’t to please myself, it’s to be like Jesus, which means being humble and looking out for others before myself

Afterward, we went home and started cookin’ her faveee meal…homemade sausage potpie.  She LOVES it!

My lunch was MUCH tastier, however 🙂

Sweet Vegetable Soup!

Ingredients? 1 Steamfresh bag of California Blend + 1/4C. Sugar Free Syrup + an outrageous amount of cinnamon.  I’m addicted!  Kid you not, just like oatmeal/cream of wheat with brown sugar.

Pluuuuuuuus some protein & carbs:

Plain Oikos + drizzle of SF syrup + Fiber Select

After lunch, we got cleaned up, the littlest FF seester had travel team softball practice about an hour away, so Poppa FF took her there, while Momma FF & I took the birthday girl to see a “The Last Song“.


Personally, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I’m not typically a Miley Cyrus fan, number one, and number two, I was really let-down by “Dear John” another movie spun off of a Nicholas Sparks novel.  I read the book before seeing the movie last time and came to the theatre with high hopes, but left disappointed.  The Last Song, however was pleasantly surprising.  I cried about 4 times and it takes a lot for me to get emotional in the movie theatre.  Alot had to do with the fact that in this movie, the tearjerker was the troubled relationship between a girl and her father, which I could totally relate to, whereas in the other films, it was mainly based around a romantic relationship.  Either way, I truly recommend it 😉

When we got home, I snacked on an unpictured nectarine & ran to Walmart to get my oil changed.  I figured I could get some groceries while I was there too since I was all out of my Light Flat Outs, syrups, cereal, and produce. 

The Goods.

I ended up stopping at Giant on the way home too, since Walmart didn’t have some of my faves (Fiber Select, Light Flat Outs, & Sonoma Jacks).  Anyway, here’s the spread: SF syrups (Log Cabin, Vanilla Torani & Raspberry Torani), Flat Outs, Sonoma Jacks, Fiber Select, diet sweet tea, yellow & orange peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Steamfresh veggies, and a nectarine.

When I got home, the whole family was there and ready to celebrate the birthday girl!  We had a feast of many dishes:

Fruit bucket (strawberries & grapes)

Lipton noodles & hotdogs.

Pasta salad

I used the condiments table to make my dinner!

Egg whites atop a bed of lettuce with cucumber, baby carrots, and added cherry tomatoes post picture.

You can bet I topped this beastly salad with my yummy homemade honey mustard.

For some whole grains, I later ate a 100 calorie bag of kettle corn:


While watching goober open her gifts!  The little stink got an iphone from the rents!  SOOOO jealous

tool ❤

I got her a pair of aviators, a shirt from Hollister, Gertrude Hawk chocolate (her fave), some earrings, and a mug that she picked out while we were at Orlando.

Anyway, I think she had a good night!  We all had a ton of fun hanging out together and relaxing.

Dessert was this lil’ fruit cup!

cantaloupe, honeydew, strawberries, & blueberries (on the bottom!)

When everyone skidattled, I packed my lunch for today:

moreeeeeeeee eggwhites, veggie tub, & flat out.

Hope your Monday is as great as a Monday can be! 🙂


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  1. hey girl! LOVE the outlook on selfishness– God has DEFINITELY taught me that within probably the past year–being Jesus’s servant, and putting others BEFORE yourself ALWAYS. being sacrificial to others’ needs no matter what! Keep on shining for Christ! ❤

    • Thanks! It’s so true…and my family has always been that way, it’s just weird when you realize that you’re doing it in some areas of life, but not others! It needs to be consistent! Thanks for the encouraging word! Hope you had a great weekend, Rachel!

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