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Huge thanks to Tana and Envicorp for sending me an amazing Envitote to try out for my review!  This thing is one of the neatest little tote bags I’ve ever gotten to use, not to mention its part of the GO GREEN lifestyle.

I used it for toting everything from groceries, to sneakers and gym stuff, to gifts! It’s totally resilient and easy to store, too!  With the removable insert, you can keep it up-right and sturdy in box form or fold it up for storing!  It gives you TONS of space on the inside (14 x 9 x 9).  I could honestly probably fit EVERYTHING I would need for a picnic or something inside of just one! Made from eco-friendly canvas, it’s got an adjustable, velcrow strap and two handles on the sides Total convenience.  It’s washable, too! 

 From visiting the Envitote website, I learn some shameful facts about all the plastic I’ve been using…

Could you imagine how much harm we could save wild life and our planet by switching to products like Envitote? 

Envicorp also makes some cute little Envipals & Envisacks

Envipal is actually an insulated, lead-free carrier that prevents hazardous lead from entering landfills and the Envisack is a washable, canvas produce bag with easy-to-use drawstrings at the top for loading and unloading!

You can get your own Envitote from my OpenSky SHOP  starting TONIGHT! or on the Envicorp website! I absolutely LOVE mine!


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