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Thanks so much to Rona and Teas’ Tea for sharing the goodness of these thirst quenching, anti-oxidant rich beverages with me!  I’m very much a tea fan.  I think it comes from the fact that as a child, tea was a real treat in our household.  My Mom made the BEST sweet tea in the world, however it was also PACKED with tons of sugar.  As I’ve gotten older, I haven’t lost my taste for teas, but my preferences have changed quite a bit.  Now I look for teas that are nutritionally beneficial and ALSO are tastefully brewed.

For ages, green tea has been known for it’s many wonderful health attributes including powerful anti-oxidants which help maintain a healthy heart and neutralize cell damaging free radicals.

Check out this table of OTHER great things green tea can help you improve, health-wise:

Isn’t it amazing?!  And the blends from Teas’ Tea are made with absolutely NO concentrates, NO colors, and NO tea powders.  All the teas that I was sent were unsweetened, making them guilt & calorie free, made with nothing but purified water, high-quality tea leaves, and Vitamin C.   It’s totally revitalizing and renewing

Naturally Sweetened.

They DO have three naturally sweetened flavors as well, Citrus Black, Blueberry Green, and Mango Oolong.  Even these flavors are just 40 calories per serving and are naturally sweetened with a touch (9 grams) of cane sugar.

Of the Unsweetened varities, Golden Oolong, Green Hoji, Green Jasmine, Green White, Lemongrass Green, Mint Green, Pure Black, Pure Green, and Rose Green, my favorite was probably the Rose.   It had a subtle brew taste that I adored!  Each of the flavors were a tad different.  The Black tea was strong and powerful, while the Pure Green was light and flavorful.  I actually added some Splenda to mine, since I needed a bit of sweetness.  It would’ve also been yummy with a touch of sugar free honey though!  I experimented with my Sugar Free Peppermint syrup in the tea, but wasn’t a fan.  I felt like I was robbing it of all it’s pureness!  Try it heated.  It’s amazing!

You can buy these teas online from the website or find a retailer near you!

Thanks again, Rona! 




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